Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Nothing serious today except to wish you a joyous and Happy Easter (and Happy Passover season too). Easter is perhaps my favorite holiday and time of year. It represents hope, promise and joy. Well I suppose if you look past the prior 40 days in the liturgical calendar of pain, suffering and Crucifixion it is a "triumphant" moment of overcoming death, as it were. At any rate Easter is a joyous time, and I'm all to happy to celebrate with a stash of my traditional Fannie May chocolate goodies. Everything from chocolate rabbits, jelly beans, marshmallow eggs and cream eggs. I hope the Easter Bunny made it to your home with a few goodies to savor. Here in Palm Springs, I'm having Easter Brunch at my favorite restaurant, Melvyn's. What are you doing for Easter?

Chocolate covered Marshmallow Eggs...and Pectin Jelly Beans...

...and delicious chocolate cream eggs. Ah, makes me feel good inside.
Happy Easter!


Kanani said...

I listened in on your show for the last five minutes! Sorry I was late!
I've sent off two big packages of easter candy (non meltables) to Afghanistan for two soldiers who have just deployed.

They were filled with Robin's eggs (malted milk balls), M&M's, licorice, a chocolate bunny (with hopes it doesn't melt, and jelly beans.

For the kids, I bought See's Candies ...the eggs with the candy inside.

We used to (when they were young) make a template of easter bunny paws and then use flour to make the prints throughout the house. It was fun!

Last night I put up the easter decorations. Today, we'll make ham and have all the fixings for lunch.

Jeni said...

And a very Happy Easter to you too, Rick. Enjoy those candies and have some for me since I'm not supposed to be indulging in the good stuff -like candy and other yummy stuff!

KathyA said...

I hope you had a great Easter Sunday, too, Rick!

Desert Songbird said...

There you go again, posting candy and chocolate photos. You love to torture your readers, don't you, Rick? ;)


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