Saturday, April 23, 2011

An Eastertime Heavenly Pie

Easter is probably my favorite time of the year. Even when I was a kid, it was always my favorite. Perhaps it is the change of season, bright Spring weather. Or perhaps the wonderful church Hymns of Eastertide. (I'm sure the cream eggs, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies had nothing to do with it!). I also have fond memories of delicious baked goods made by my family. A few years ago I wrote about my great-grandmother's rice pie. These days I can't resist the urge to do some baking when Easter rolls around. Last night when I returned home from work, I decided to make a 'Heavenly Pie', a favorite from my childhood. Heavenly Pie is nothing more than a Meringue crust, crushed fresh pineapple, topped by fresh whipped cream. And that's all- but it is so refreshing. I forgot to take a photo before I dove into it, so I tried to take this picture from the other side- but you get the idea. What do you like to make for Easter?

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KathyA said...

Nothing this year -- but in year's past we've always made the ricotta pie!!


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