Monday, April 25, 2011

A Visit to the Edris House to Benefit our New Animal Shelter

On Saturday I attended an event to benefit the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, which is building a much-needed new, larger facility here in Palm Springs. The event was held at a private home, known as the Edris House, an historic Mid-Century Modern home nestled in the hillside overlooking Palm Springs. Built in 1954 and designed by famed architect, E. Stewart Williams, the structure is regarded as an excellent example of modern period homes in the desert. 

The current owner opened his home up to host the fundraiser, so the house itself was an added draw to donors. Like most cities, Palm Springs has an overpopulation of animals in need of adoption. There are so many great dogs and cats at shelters. Animal lovers from across our fair city turned out to help raise money to fund this new shelter, set to open late summer of 2011. Once the shelter opens, I'll post some photos here on the blog. But for this post, I thought I'd just share a few photos from around the home. It is the classic desert lifestyle I love and enjoy everyday.
the pool overlooks the desert floor

great hillsides surround the home

it was the ideal setting to entertain

I could have stayed all day, but soon it was time to go!

I've mentioned it several times over the years, but the Palm Springs community has a very active "season" of tourists, part-time residents and annual events. But we also host an amazing array of philanthropic events from the months of November through May. In just seven months, there are over 300 different charitable fundraiser events for non-profit organizations. Part of this has to do with the demographics of both full-time and part-time residents; who are at a stage of life with large fortunes and want to give back a bit. It really is amazing to participate or attend these events to see first hand how generous people can be. I was so pleased to see the turn out at this event and hope people continue to show their generosity to our shelter. If you want to make a donation to our shelter, visit their website to donate. You can also mail a donation to:  
Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter
P.O. BOX 4808


kenju said...

I'd sure like to see that place in person!

KathyA said...

Great cause; beautiful home!
Then again -- in Palm Springs it's hard NOT to see breathtaking views!!!

Tea said...

Hi Rick :)

Fantastic cause and what a beautiful spot! The whole of Palm Springs looks so interesting and pretty. We are finally having some nice sunny weather here. For awhile it seemed that spring forgot about us and kept it cold.



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