Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This 'N That of Asia

It sure is good to be back home in Palm Springs. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely *love* to travel. But its always so nice to sleep in your own bed. I thought I'd share a few random photos I'd been hanging onto from my Asian travels that didn't make it into one of the daily blog posts. These are photos I found interesting for one reason or another but just didn't fit into the themes I was posting. Well anyway, here goes. Top left is from Beijing, China. I had dinner one evening at a sushi joint in this area. I just liked the sign "Lucky Street', I sometimes feel as though that is the street I live on (or so it seems).

This is called a Bodhi Wishing tree. I encountered this on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. People flock to these wishing trees to write down a wish, ask for it while standing under the tree, and then hang it on the tree. It is a charming notion, and I am not ashamed to say I followed the custom and made my own wish while there that day.
While in Hong Kong, I returned to Kowloon to check out the famous "Ladies Market", where for may many blocks, you can shop the outdoor market for a variety of wares. If you like to bargain shop and haggle/negotiate this is a great place to shop. Never pay full price. Always negotiate. Most merchants will go down as low as 50% of the original price they quote-but rarely less than that. There is everything from souvenirs, clothing trinkets, to statues, silks, leather goods and bracelets galore. It is often very crowded, and since it is open to midnight, it is an excellent option to maximize the day. My advice is to eat dinner before going there. There aren't great restaurants in the immediate vicinity, and those that are there have a long wait. It is worth checking out; just remember, it is cash only in most stalls.

photo from my hotel window in Hong King, looking out to the hillside

For some reason I love this photo. I snapped it at a popular restaurant called Din Tai Fung, known for its amazing dumplings. The dumpling chefs make zillions of dumplings all day long, and it is fascinating to watch them go at it.
Overall, I had a great trip in Asia. It turned out to be highly productive from a business standpoint, and personally I enjoyed the time I spent with my Asian business colleagues. But as mentioned, it was so nice to return home again. My two poodles Duncan and Sheldon were delighted to see me. Owen too! (you can see his butt behind Sheldon). Little things like being able to go to sleep with the pets curled up next to me always seems extra nice after being away from them for a few weeks. And so, this Asian journey is complete for now. For those of you who enjoy travel, stay tuned, Rick's Roadshow will return in a few weeks from a far away land...


Anonymous said...

With three house greeters like that who wouldn't enjoy being back home!

You hotel had a great view. Thanks for taking us along!

Diane J Standiford said...

Bodhi Wishing Tree, you can't imagine how long I have searched for that name. This is why I LOVE blogs! Thank you! My lucky day.

kenju said...

Glad you are home safely.

KathyA said...

Yes, it IS good to be home with your family (two and four-legged)! Welcome home, Rick!

Cheryl said...

I just read all your travel posts. China is the only destination on my travel bucket list, and I was able to visit it vicariously through you. I've read extensively about China. I wonder if I'll make it there?

There really is no place like home. Welcome back.

Desert Songbird said...

I love your travel posts. You always have something positive to say about each and every place you visit, even when you have had an unfortunate experience. You immerse yourself in the culture and food and atmosphere, and your photos really share your experiences. Thanks for sharing. :)


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