Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life is What Happens

An old friend recently asked me about maintaining this blog. "How do you have time to take all these photos, write things and post when you travel, commute and work all day?" he asked. I replied rather directly, "How could I NOT?" He seemed puzzled at my response. What he didn't understand is that this blog is written primarily for myself. It is true that a few folks check in and follow along, but primarily this has long been a creative outlet for me. It is also somewhat of a personal log for my old age, and my nieces too. 

Its the same as my massive postcard collection. I send myself postcards from nearly everywhere I travel. Its a little gift to myself when I am old and lost my memory. I want to be able to look back at all the places I've been, people I've met or things I've encountered and re-live them when I am 80, 90 or 100 perhaps. So why wouldn't I find time to blog? It is a gift I can give to myself.

"But how..." my old friend asked- " do you take so many photos and post it all? It looks like you are constantly on vacation, you are so lucky", he asked. I replied: "Ah, yes indeed I am very lucky. I learned a lesson very early in life to take time every day to appreciate what life presents. I take photos everywhere. Smell flowers, appreciate a sunset, or take a moment to enjoy a piece of history I may encounter." My friend still seemed puzzled at the response. I reminded him of that great quote from John Lennon: 'Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans'. And finally, he understood.  Yes, Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans. So stop, appreciate every moment. Whether you are sitting at home, driving to work, traveling on business, or watching a softball game with the kids. Stop to enjoy it. I know I will. Some of it even makes it to this blog. For me, it works. I just wonder if when I'm 90+ if I'll even recognize the man in these photos.


grace said...

you will. It will be a grand memory, your blog.

I've been absent, but still following. I think you should never give up your blog, its so joyous to come to. :)


Jeni said...

Back when I first started my blog -a mere 4 1/2 years ago now -I didn't even have a digital camera. Used to rely on getting those little disposable things, get a few pics now and then, take the film to be developed, pay a small fortune then too for another camera -soap, lather, rinse, repeat ya know. I started this blog as a means of putting my thoughts and beliefs into words and saving them then for my kids and grandkids to read after my time here has passed. I also started it as a way to scan photos -old, old photos of family-ancestors, and family events -so my kids and grandkids could then be able to look at those pictures and know that is what their great-great-great-grandmother looked like or their paternal grandfather, or my parents -people they never met. But I never really thought of it as a way for ME to remember what I did, or what various family members looked like although, it stands to reason that it would become a good way to refresh my own memory -and something I need to do more and more often all the time now. Sometimes, I even write things in my blog that allow me to let my voice come through on issues -political, social, economic, etc. -to put those views on display in a way that I hope doesn't come across with my being a total fruit loop. So many different reasons that I had when I began and they -and yeah, even a few more reasons since starting -have given me an outlet to share my thoughts, feelings, news with others -like yourself -people from around the world who I never would have been able to become "friends" with otherwise. A really fantastic tool this thing called blogging is, wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

I love your postcard idea! That's great!

My late great aunt Edna traveled the world. She had such an incredible memory. You could mention a time period in her life and she could recall the day as if it were today... I always thought that was awesome.

Both Hank and I have really made an effort to live in the present. It really made a profound effect on my level of happiness.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i sure wish i had thought of that postcard thing too, so many lovely trips and now i wonder what year they were... what month... details, gone!

smiles, bee

Sharon said...

Your blog is not just a gift to yourself, it's a gift to us too. Strangers from across the country who feel close and connected to you through your warm personality, and who share in your travels through the photos and travelogue. If we haven't said so lately, thank you for sharing this with us. It's very much appreciated.

Cheryl said...

I love everything about blogging, and feel privileged to know my blogging friends. I write for myself too, and am so glad I have this log of my life to revisit.

KathyA said...

I blog for myself, too. It's just like exercise -- one has to just decided to make time for oneself! Good post, Rick!


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