Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reflections and Introspections

Every so often I get introspective about life. It usually happens after  wrapping up a particularly busy stretch of time in life. At present I seem to be in the midst of a very busy decade--but that's just what happens during one's mid-forties I reckon. I tend to travel extensively, partly for work and partly for pleasure. I enjoy travel. As much as being home in Palm Springs makes me happy, somehow I end up going here, there and everywhere. Regardless of where travels lead, or however hectic the pace, making time for myself is always a high priority. When something or someplace strikes me as having a certain type of energy or spirituality it stops me in my tracks. Like a warp core engine shut down, my attention span crawls to slow-motion, allowing my mind to pause and reflect. This isn't an A-D-D moment--those I'll willingly admit to when they occur. What I'm referring to are those moments when something stops me and that inner voice says "stop and check this out". I'm quite grateful to have learned early in life to always listen to my inner guiding voice. Without fail I shut down my "warp core engines" and listen to the Universe speak. This is especially true when I travel to ancient lands, or places with a deep long history.

Some places seem to have more energy or vibrations than others. The pyramids of Egypt, the ancient city in Ephesus, Turkey, parts of Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Wales, Montenegro, Nuremberg...well I could go on and on but you get the gist. I've just had those moments in such places where I've had to just stop and reflect.

It is quite amazing what one can hear and see when one truly listens. I'm a firm believer that things in life happen for a reason. How we respond, react or handle things is our free will I guess. We truly are the sum of our life experiences. But perhaps I'm just being too deep. Helps me unwind anyway, and for that I'm grateful.

Anyway I had the most interesting experience just a few days ago while away from home. I was chatting with someone about a fairly mundane topic, when I noticed the subject matter grew more deep and almost philosophical. I nattered on freely, until I sensed mid-sentence, that the other person seemed to be much more engaged than I realized. It was the strangest sensation, as if everything went into slow-motion. I could hear the person talking, but what I also "heard" and "saw" was something much more deep. 

I didn't even realize it but soon I was waxing philosophical, sharing stories and advice that I sensed this person needed to hear. I believe I was simply a conduit at that moment. This person needed some validation and almost spiritual direction. Of course by spiritual I does not mean religious, it refers to more of an inner compass of life. Sometimes we can "be there" for someone without realizing it. That's exactly what occurred in this situation. 

Afterward I was mentally exhausted and had to close my eyes and reflect. It was as if my energy was drained from that conversation, but in a really good way. I didn't question it, I accept that this is all part of the human experience of life. Fortunately for me, I'm back home in Palm Springs and able to ground myself and recharge the battery of my mind and soul. A fresh sunrise on the San Jacinto mountains is just what I need. Life is good.


grace said...

You have the best grounded outlook on life. You are refreshing.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

very interesting rick...

smiles, bee

Jean said...

Life is, indeed, very good! it's our age and level of wisdom that takes us to those moments. It's a shame when others never "get there."

lime said...

wherever you found it i am glad you were ab;e to be used as the conduit. thanks for taking the time to share this. it's a gentle exhortation for me to be more mindful.


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