Thursday, March 1, 2012

This Saturday on Who Let the Dogs Out

Last week I wrote a preview post of the upcoming topics on our new TV show 'Who Let the Dogs Out' on Animal Planet. Turns out, it was a popular post, attracting a fair amount of traffic. So of course I wanted to do it again this week, except a full day earlier. This week's episode has some really special stuff in it...I wrote about it a few days ago, so I'll start with something else first. Tillman and Friends are in Washington DC to skate at the White House and in the Halls of Congress. Afterward they go on a DC Duck Tour, to see all the major sights in our capital. The bulldogs loved the DC Duck Tour and the show segment shows the dogs having tons of fun. 
Then there is a fun segment of one of the talent search auditions we held to find the most talented dog in America. Some really nice people auditioned with their pets, including a woman named  Judy Garland, as well as others named Kira Sundance, Sherri Robinson and Princess Mancilla. All their dogs were featured in this week's segment.
Then of course there was Tillman's visit to the 3rd US Infantry Regiment of Military Working Dogs, where you can see dogs being trained for truly heroic tasks to serve our country.
Perhaps it is the segment about the Monument to Military Working Dogs that got me so pumped. I love working for my company, because Natural Balance gets it. We're not a big stuffy corporate type company. We are a family owned and operated business that tries to connect with the community. Being able to help raise money for a monument in Washington DC to honor military working dogs? Well that just makes me proud to be an American. I hope you can tune in to watch this week's episode on Animal Planet. To view the promo clip, click here.
Saturday morning, March 3rd, 10 am Eastern/9 am Central. For West coast check local listings. Set your DVR or TiVo to record the whole season of Who Let the Dogs Out.  


Desert Songbird said...

I must admit, it's because of the segment about the MWD (Military Working Dog) that I finally am going to check out this show. I said it yesterday, and I'll say it again, you have a VERY COOL job.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Thanks Donna, I really appreciate it. We owe our service people and service pets all our gratitude!


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