Sunday, May 6, 2007

Panama Cruise, Day 19: Seattle & the end of the Cruise

Today we arrived in Seattle, the final destination of this cruise. After an early breakfast with the family, I went out to take a few photos. Seattle is a busy port, with lots of activity. The views of the city I saw were nice, including the "Space Needle", and also the Evil World Headquarters of Starbucks. These past 18 days flew by. For those of you considering a cruise, it’s a great way to travel, I highly recommend it.


While there are newer vessels in the Princess fleet, the Sun Princess is still a nice ship. I thought I’d mention a few more useless and fascinating facts about the Sun Princess ship that I have called home for the past 18 days.
* Built in Italy in 1998 at a cost of over $350 million
* To my surprise, this ship carries a museum-class art collection valued at nearly $3 million, a portion of which has been profiled on this blog.
* Runs on 4 diesel engines with 44.5 megawatt capacity, 28 megawatt propulsion and cruises at a maximum speed of 21 knots
* The crew wash over 51,000 dishes and 17,000 glasses PER DAY
* Prepare over 6,000 pounds of beef, pork, lamb, veal, poultry, shellfish and seafood combined, PER DAY
* Utilize over 1,000 pounds of flour PER DAY
* Use 9,000 fresh eggs PER DAY
* Serve 5,000 pounds of fresh fruits PER DAY
Although I'm happy to be back home in Palm Springs and see the dog and cat, I know I will miss being at sea this week (maybe the first night I need to cook dinner). Now that I have completed an 18 day cruise, I think I can easily handle a 30 day journey’s just that pesky job that gets in the way of my social life and vacation schedule!
Photo above: left: One last look at the Atrium elevators in the Sun Princess & above right: Me waving goodbye from the ship.
Thanks for reading my travel blog. Tomorrow I'm planning a brief summary with a few highlights and family photos too!
-Rick Rockhill
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Jimmi said...

I love Cruises! I went on my first cruise last April/May in the Caribbean and we are going on another one this December! Nothing like it. I wish I could have taken the long cruise like you did. My partner has done that same cruise though the Panama Canal, I hope to one day go on that one.


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