Saturday, May 26, 2007

Why I Blog...

A fellow blogger, Michael recently participated in a meme for five reasons why bloggers blog. I'm participating the the meme by posting my five reasons and of course will tag a few other lucky folks to do the same.

OK so here goes: Five reasons why I blog about the things on my blog:

1. Life in Palm Springs is interesting. Without sounding arrogant or obnoxious, I live a life that most people don't lead. My primary residence is Palm Springs, and I have a home in San Diego as well. Both are interesting cities for different reasons. Aside from our beautiful warm, dry climate, Palm Springs has a rich history of old Hollywood glamour, and still attracts the Hollywood crowd, athletes, CEOs from major corporations, politicians, and even royalty. My social circle mixes and mingles with this crowd, through cocktail parties, charitable events, fundraisers and private dinners. I meet lots of interesting people. So I like to share some of the stories, photos and anecdotes from my life in Palm Springs.

2. Writing is cathartic. I find writing helps me think, it soothes my mind, relieves stress, and grounds me in a way. After a stressful day I am happy to sit down at the computer and blog away. Blogging is actually an excellent outlet for people who enjoy "stream of consciousness" writing (or talking). It empties the mind and allows me to go to sleep with a clear head.

3. I can Blog anywhere. I often take my laptop and sit poolside where I can enjoy the desert climate and my hobby at the same time. I blog from airports, hotels, trains, on the private jet, a cruise ship, or just about anywhere I like. It's a convenient hobby because it is so portable. Now how many other things can you say that about???
4. I am a ham. I readily admit that I enjoy having regular readers. I take that responsibility seriously- I try to keep the blog interesting, updated with fresh content as often as possible. The idea that anyone would be interested in reading the ridiculous things I blog about amazes me. So when I know people are following the blog, my creative juices flow even more. I carry my digital camera everywhere I go, ready for a story to break!
5. Blogging saves friendships. Since I usually like to talk non-stop about anything and everything, friends and family used to be subjected to my incessant chatter. Now I can post something on the blog, and if they are bored they can close the window. If they are interested, they leave a comment or call. So you see, I don't have to torture friends with all my crazy stories anymore.
So there you have it, the five reasons why I blog. Thanks for reading.
-Rick Rockhill


jackie-oh-no said... got me now too. OK OK I'm it. not sure I'll come up with 5 reasons as amusing as yours tho.

Brandon said...

Great post! Very much the same for me as I'm sure for most other bloggers.

T-Bird said...

I can relate to number five. I used to force my friends to participate in a virtual blog via email. Over time I find that I have less and less to say verbally (except when the mood strikes me and then it is more likely to be a comment on someone else’s blog). I like speaking non-verbally these days. Sounds and visuals. That way each viewer can draw their own conclusion as to what I have said from “absolutely nothing” to “very deep thoughts”.

Lewis said...

I agree with all of your reasons for blogging.....It's such an excellent outlet and relaxing, really. And it's always good to find new virtual friends!


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