Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stevie Nicks Concert

Last night I went to see the great Stevie Nicks in concert. As usual, she put on an amazing show. Over the years I have been to over 15 Stevie Nicks concerts, not to mention seeing her with Fleetwood Mac as well. Yes, I am a Stevie groupie. She has an extremely loyal fan base; women frequently attend concerts dressed like Stevie (long flowing dresses, high heeled boots, shawls, etc. I sat next to two British girls who looked like they could have been Stevie's backup singers! Stevie did not disappoint with the visual effects- showing off her trademark shawls, flowing dresses, capes, hats, feathers and lace, not to mention a great pair of really high heeled boots!

Stevie's voice was great, she opened up singing in a lower key than usual, as she warmed up, she transitioned over to her usual vocal range and she sounded almost as good as her first solo album, Bella Donna.

It was a night of mostly classic Stevie songs:
Stand Back- Dreams- If Anyone Falls- Rhiannon- Enchanted- Gold Dust Woman- I Need to Know- Landslide- Fall From Grace- Sorcerer--How Still My Love- - Edge of 17- Rock and Roll, and closed with Beauty and the Beast

Stevie enchanted the audience all night...

Below: Stevie always greets her fans, taking the time to move across the stage accepting flowers, teddy bears, and all sorts of things.

It was such a great show that I didn't even mind paying $40 for a Stevie t-shirt!

-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

great concert, I was there too. A great time for sure

David said...

I am very jealous !

Anonymous said...

We need a pic of a smiling Rick in his Stevie t-shirt!!


- Ed. said...

I agree with Ben, let's see you in your Stevie Nicks T-shirt.

Wow, you were allowed to take pics at her concert, fantastic.

Yep, saw Stevie on Entertainment Tonight or was it Access Hollywood hours ago, good god, she's 59 years old, she certainly don't look it, of course, plastic surgery helps, but what amazes me is that some individuals seem to age gracefully even if they abused "substances" for years.

Djs and househeads are having a ball remixing her hits in a dancefloor friendly manner and most of them are doing a pretty good job not turning them into techno crap.

I've witnessed the return of many artists and performers from past eras. They care about their fans and they, the fans, are willing to pay to see them in concerts so no, artists are not at the mercy of major record labels, maybe on a grand scale, but most of all, artists get to perform and live off their royalties.

Take that Britney!

N.B. Neat blog you got there Rick! Great photos!


Scott said...

Awesome Stevie! I will never forget seeing her in concert in Chicago in 2001. She was amazing! We even got a special treat at that concert - Cheryl Crow was there as a surprise guest and they did a few duets. Two of my favorite female artists in one show!

Brandon said...

Where is she performing?

Palm Springs Savant said...

check out or ticketmaster for info on her next concert.

Anonymous said...

Stevie is totally freaking scared of plastic surgery. She said she would never want to change her face. She has had Botox but a very bad reaction and was sick for days. She takes very good care of her skin with La Mer products. I have seen her up close more than a dozen can see her jowls and her wrinkles in neck and eyes. She still looks amazing for 59! I adore her.

hotdogman said...

I am not a huge Stevie fan, but Fleetwood Mac certainly is part of the soundtrack of my youth. Stevie was a hottie back in the day.

In response to the question:

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Stevie Nicks?

Making out at Junior High School dances!


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