Monday, April 14, 2008

Dinner with Cindy Crawford

Saturday evening I attended the 10th Annual Rick Weiss Humanitarian Awards Gala in Palm Springs. Supermodel Cindy Crawford was this year's honoree. Cindy was honored for her devotion to leukemia charities, particularly to help sick children of poor families. This photo (at left) is Cindy holding her Rick Weiss Humanitarian Award.

The Rick Weiss Humanitarian Awards raise over a million dollars a year for charities such as Project New Hope, the Desert AIDS Project, American Heart Association, Guide Dogs of the Desert, the Barbara Sinatra Children's Center, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Shelter from the Storm Battered Women's Center, Project Angel Food and many other groups as well. There are a number of charitable fundraisers in the Palm Springs area each year. For example, in just three years, Palm Springs area residents have raised $15 million to for a children's hospital, so while these Awards Galas sometimes seem glitzy, they do raise a great deal of money. The cost of producing these events are typically underwritten by corporate sponsors, so most of the money does reach the charitable organizations.

above left: The beautiful Daisey Fuentes introduces supermodel Cindy Crawford- this year's Rick Weiss Humanitarian Award recipient. above right: Cindy Crawford accepts the award and explains her passion for helping others. Our Congresswoman Mary Bono-Mack also attended the dinner, but I didn't bother Mary for a photo.
Details of the Gala Dinner...

above: the centerpieces on each table had beautiful white roses with a cobalt blue vase that glowed in the evening light. The red boxes were from Baccarat crystal. They donated champagne flutes as gifts for every attendee.

above: We started with a refreshing tomato, mozzarella and basil salad, and had stuffed chicken for the entree.

above: delicious desserts-a chocolate bombe and a fruit tarte
Previous Award Honorees:
Without a doubt, we have a number of big name celebrities in Palm Springs who help support all these charities. Here are a few that were honored by the Rick Weiss Humanitarian Awards in the past:
2000: Suzanne Somers
2001: Leeza Gibbons
2002: Judith Light & Larry King
2003: Mary Hart & Magic Johnson
2004: Priscilla Presley & Sherry Lansing
2005: Eric McCormack & Sidney Poitier
2006: Berry Gordy, Jon Shestack & Portia Iversen
2007: William Shatner & Sharon Stone

Relaxing after the Gala...

above: caught on film, relaxing by the fire on a perfect evening in the desert. I call this my "Playboy Pose". I should have asked Cindy Crawford to join us for a martini!
-Rick Rockhill


Hamilton said...

that looks mighty fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

As random as i am, your event reminded me of my attendance to the GLAaD media award, and one of our group member were suits and SANDALS. and his excuse was that it was the california style. omfg... he is lucky that he was kinda cute lol~~ on the other note, it is a bit depressing when noble causes like this only raise about 1 million some a year (which is already amazing), when people live in hollywood lala land spend just that much on whorish clothes. I don't know I have been just having a fit with the stupid show Keeping up with the Kardashians, and i have never watched it. but i already know it is demoralizing. anyways... off topic already.

Ginormous Boobs said...

Seriously, you life seems so ultra fun! The food alone...goodness...

Tod said...

Sounds like a good evening and a cause too.

Rhodester said...

"The name's Rockhill.. RICK Rockhill.. I'll have that shaken, not stirred."

Palm Springs Savant said...

Rhodester- lol...I guess you are right, that pose does sort of have that 007 look to it! Now if only I had one of those cool cars with all the gadgets!

whimsical brainpan said...

I love the centerpieces (I collect colbalt glass)!

I want one of those chocolate bombes!

Sounds like a very worthy cause and a great time.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time. You didn't by chance save me any of that dessert did you?

Lewis said...

Oh, go ahead and rub our noses in your good fortune, frivolity, and food. We're all insanely jealous!

Anonymous said...

Who's that hottie? Bond...Rick Rockhill Bond....bwahahahahaahaha!

Baccarrat Flutes? Which pattern? Don Perignon? That's a yummy party favor!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Chocolate Bombe is right!

Chocolate is always da bomb.

WAT said...

What a great pic by tha fire!


Lilian said...

You simply look stunning on the picture by the fire!

tt said...

LOVE that pic of you!! very 'Savant' pose!!

Anne said...

Yes, i love your poses with a martini. Have you trademarked it? You should.

Olivia said...

At first I thought it was a bit of a Bond pose too, but then James wouldn't relax that much in public, would he?

Anyway, I want to say Cindy Crawford is ageing well, but it's probably just as much down to maintenance as genetics.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great evening was had by all and the food looks delish. I so love that pose. Cindy probably would have joined you if you DID ask. She would have felt like she was with celebrity. ;-) The name Rick Weiss intrigues me as I know a person of the same name, but I know they are NOT one in the same.


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