Saturday, April 5, 2008

Your Personal Therapist: Online or Via Telephone

And now, here's a shameless plug for my Mom. Dr Virginia Rockhill is a licensed Psychologist practicing cognitive therapy in her private practice since 1992. She recently launched her own website offering confidential therapy either online or via telephone. Seem unusual? Not really, it is the ultimate in convenience and discretion. There is complete anonymity; some people don't seek help because they are uncomfortable or embarrassed that they might be seen in a therapist’s office. Here's how she describes the service on her website: "Private consultation sessions are available to you anywhere in the world, so if travel or job obligations take you away from your home, you can still receive uninterrupted, consistent care with the same person who already knows you and your needs. Additionally, for individuals responsible for the supervision of children, or who may be adult caregivers, finding time for their own mental health needs can be challenging. Without having to physically leave your environment, you can schedule your sessions during nap time or “down time”, knowing that you are in control of your treasured personal time."
So you may be thinking, "gee of course Rick thinks it's a good idea, it's his mother", Well don't just take my opinion, even Dr Wang thinks it's a good idea. All kidding aside, if you or someone you know needs a therapist but has been avoiding the subject, call Dr Virginia Rockhill for a free five minute introduction and consultation toll free at 888-901-6001 or send her an e-mail at
-Rick Rockhill

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Tea N. Crumpet said...

Can she advise me how to raise a son like you? //Tea blows kiss//

From the sounds of it, your family sounds FUNctional. I'd not be afraid to take her advice!


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