Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Art Review: Snow Art

Here in Palm Springs, we typically have a two month spell when temperatures get a little chilly, with evenings as low as in the high 40's and days mid 60's to 70 degrees. It feels cold to me, but having lived in cold weather climates for many years I know what cold really is. As I read the latest weather news for the US Mid West and East Coast it called for more snow. Here in Palm Springs, we have snow too...but it is up at 10,000 feet on the mountains. As I gazed at our mountains this morning it occurred to me just how beautiful snow can be. This was the inspiration for today's Sunday Art Review: Snow Art. Today I present a series of photos of snow sculptures from around the world, these are quite amazing, and in my mind, art a form of art. Enjoy!

above: "Chinese Dragon"
above: We'll call this "Snow Twist"

above: I call this the Snow Princess...she reminds me of the Princess Cruises logo!

above: "Snow Star"

above: This one was actually called "Whirled White Web"

above: "Snow Betta"

above: "Snow Stallion"

above: Hockey "Game On"

above: "Venus"

above: "Paul Revere"

above: A more naturally formed Polar Bear, isn't this cute?
I hope you enjoyed this week's installment of the Sunday Art Review: Snow Art. Which ones do you like best? Go ahead, leave a comment!
-Rick Rockhill


A Lewis said...

This reminds me of the many, many years that we were able to go to the McCall Winter Carnival in Idaho while growing up. I always loved the sculptures!

kenju said...

I've never seen any of them in person, but I've enjoyed seeing them on the web. It is amazing what people can do with a little planning and expertise!

Matt said...

While the human-sculpted ones are incredible, I love the last one. 'Cause I have a thing for polar bears. Who doesn't???

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

the princess! but they are all really cool rick!

smiles, bee

Kathy said...

These are exquisite, but I must say I love the polar bear in the tree. We've visited the West Coast many times and I'm enthralled with the snow capped mountains. They are majestic.

PinkPanther said...

I've seen the 2nd one "Chinese Dragon" on T.V. lately, those are great Snow Art indeed.

Well, voting time: :-P
I like the last one Polar Bear, it is so cute.

Biddie said...

These are awesome! They remind me of my school days when we would have outdoor playdays. We used to make the most incredible castles animals..Just about anything that you could imagine.
Thanks for taking me back!

Desert Songbird said...

Snow IS beautiful, but only if I have to look at it from afar or I get to ski on it in the day, and then drive back down to the desert at night!

Seamus said...

Hiya Rick! Happy New Year!

These sculptures are amazing, but my fav is the Polar Bear!

© Karelian Blonde said...

I love the Polar Bear! Just too cute :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Snow Twist, World White Web(?) and Betta....I like ALL the Abstract "Brancussi" looking ones....The others are fantastic,'s just those abstract ones appeal to me more...And of course the Polar Bear!
GREAT Post, Rick....

W.O.T.E. said...


lime said...

they really are amazing aren't they? i did a friday 55 post on snow princess last year. it's so hard to choose a favorite but i have to say the polar bear is such a cute surprise!

Olivia said...

I like the spires in the first one, and the snow twist. But I LOVE the natural polar bear!

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Princess, Paul and Venus look like they are made of sand. . .


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