Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saving Money on Electricity & Teach Kids Too!

Why is is that electricity is so expensive? At least here in Palm Springs we have wind farms with hundreds of wind turbines generating a huge amount of green energy for Californians. My brother recently told me that in certain states, power has been deregulated, meaning that consumers can choose who to buy their power from for their home. More competition usually means lower prices for the average household, which is nifty. Here in California, electricity has not been deregulated yet, (hopefully soon). For those of you interested in finding out more on deregulated energy, go to the LucaEnergy website for more information.

As I understand it, with deregulation the local utility basically becomes nothing more than an electricity delivery company. Households can choose an alternate source for the who generates the power they use. No matter which company you select, you still utilize the same local utility to deliver electricity, provide service read meters, and even billing, so it makes it very easy to save money. I'm very much in favor of alternative energy sources, which is another reason I am so hyped up about this stuff.

The tough part is there are only 20 states with energy deregulation, so you need to check to see if your state allows you to save money with choosing your power source. Hopefully deregulation will become available to all states, although I'm sure some politicians are dragging their feet because they get kickbacks from special-interest lobby groups, but that's just my theory.

I also saw something cute on this website- stuff to teach kids about alternative energy. They have a bunch of really cute things to buy that help kids learn at an early age. I love things like this, better than the usual kid toys and video game junk. As a reminder this is not a paid post, but I am happy to give a plug to the website that sells it. This same website also sells a bunch of stuff to help reduce the energy you consume in your home, or live a more green lifestyle. 
This banner will take you to a shop of energy saving products. Again, this is not a paid post, just me plugging a website that I think is great.


Cheryl said...

My state is deregulated, and I contract for both my gas and electric through Kathy A's company. It's still expensive, but less so this way.

Glad you liked my creativity!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Cheryl- I had no idea KathyA's company sold power! I'll have to chat with her sometime.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

I was impressed in Alaska when I found out that Jay Ramras, a former REPUBLICAN lawmaker, has a hotel in Fairbanks (Pike's Landing)that used various forms of alternative energy. I am presently too tired to recall, but I do know he uses a lot of green alternatives.

KathyA said...

Now you know!!!! Check out our website:

CQI is a licensed energy broker, but that's not all they do. This is a father/daughter owned business! Their client list rocks!


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