Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mexican Riviera Cruise, Day 7: At Sea and Back to San Diego

Well the Mexican Riviera cruise has come to an end all too soon. It turned out to be a fantastic vacation, enhanced by some new friends we made from the very first day. The three ports of call were quite enjoyable; exotic and unique from each other. The food and service was very good; in fact several nights we ordered specialized dishes not on the menu, which the head waiter happily prepared. Despite being in sunny Mexico all week, I was in the Christmas spirit, thanks to the ship's Christmas decorations. The garland, wreaths and trees provided a festive backdrop for photos galore.
above: the art auctions held during the cruise showcased a wide variety of art from several renowned artists.

above: before dinner we hosted a private cocktail party in our stateroom for a few friends. We had a small spread of cheese, crackers, fresh fruit, a veggie tray and some of my Fannie May chocolates of course! (I never travel without them)

above: As last night's dinner concluded, the lights were turned off and we watched the parade of waiters carrying flaming Baked Alaska as dessert. It was delicious!
above left: Enjoying a refreshing martini before dinner, and above right: We went to Jammer's nightclub one night to enjoy some music and a few cocktails. I never made it to the dance floor however tempting it was.
Dr Wang at Sea

Final Day: I cannot believe how quickly this cruise has passed by. After dictating a few postcards to be written, I had a relaxing breakfast of croissant crumbs. I passed on orange juice, it is way too acidic for my fins. My time at sea has been rejuvenating, I feel "at one" with my fellow creatures of the water. I especially enjoyed the yoga classes, and Pilates too. I'm going to swim down to the future cruise office and see what other cruises that make sense for me. My Wisdom Wednesday column this week will welcome back Madame Esmerelda, who is still in Palm Springs for another week. Thanks for reading my "fblog" (fish blog).
-Dr Wang


Anonymous said...

welcome back! looks like you had a fantastic time. very impressive series of posts here.

LouLou! said...

Oooh. You get to have all the fun. I am jealous!

Biddie said...

It lookd like you had a fabu trip!
part of me is envious, but then I remember that I am terrified of deep water. I think that the ideal ship for me would be one that never leaves the dock!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh it just goes by too fast!!!

smiles, bee

Sheila said...

You must have had a blast. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

Desert Songbird said...

It was a wonderful cruise. Thanks for letting us live it vicariously.

Lewis said...

Glad you're home safe and spite of the good times we have while traveling.

Mags said...

This is my favorite martini picture. :)

Canadian flake said...

Glad you had such a great time...thanks for sharing all the pics...they are completely amazing!!!


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