Thursday, December 27, 2007

'Taint Christmas and 'Taint New bring on Carol Channing!

Well hope you all had a nice Christmas. It's that funny 'tween time now, when 'taint Christmas and 'taint New Years. So I thought I'd fill in the gap between the two holidays with a few fun old videos from our friends at YouTube. (my apologies to anyone whose work blocks out YouTube). For everyone else, I hope you enjoy this campy collection of Carol Channing videos. (after all, she is practically my neighbor)

Below: you just can't beat Carol Channing, Della Reese, Ann Miller and Ethel Merman on The Love Boat...

And below, here is a VERY short clip with her now immortal role in "Thoroughly Modern Millie". Carol plays a rich, madcap widow named Muzzy Van Hossmere, who makes her big entrance flying in a biplane, sloshing champagne, and screaming "Raaaassspberries!"

And finally, below this clip from Alice in Wonderland with Miss Carol Channing playing the White Queen.

-Rick Rockhill


Odat said...

Hope your Christmas was merry and thank you for the entertainment in this 'tween period.
Was just glancing thru your posts and have a big is your cat?????? ;-d


Scott said...

I swear to God, Carol Channing still scares the hell out of me.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

wonderful clips rick! thanks!

smiles, bee

Mags said...

Ahhhh....I love her in Alice in WOnderland.

karma lennon said...

Gotta love good ole Carol! :)

jackie said...

I love her in "Thoroughly Modern Millie", she was wonderful in that role. what a silly post, I loved it.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Odat- Owenis about 15 pounds...he's a big kitty, but a LOT of fur!

Scott- don't be afraid, Carol is harmless. (but she does scare me at times, I do admit!)

Bee- I thought you'd enjoy these clips, especially the love boat ones!

Mags- believe it or not, I have never seen that whole movie, just parts of it.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Ahhh...I miss the Love Boat! Great clips!

Happy t'aint!

zen wizard said...

I think I speak for transvestites everywhere, when I say that this was a very inspirational post!!

jillie said...

Carol was the lady that taught me that diamonds are a girls best friend and I'll be damned if she wasn't right!

Those are some great!!

Happy 'tweener to ya...LOL

LouLou! said...

Rick - I know I'm going to lose Princess Points for this but.....I thought Carol Channing was dead. Thank you for setting me straight on this to speak.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I got to see Carol Channing in Hello Dolly! when I was a kid. I'll never forget it.....I love that woman!

Diane J Standiford said...

Dear, you do know a good Diva! TNX

WAT said...

She's still alive?! AHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!

Well I'm sure she looks better than Zsa Zsa! Did ya ever hear the joke about Carol?

She was in a bathroom stall and someone overheard her say in her typical voice, "Corn?! I don't remember having any corn!"

P.L. Frederick said...

We want all Carol Channing, all the time!

Rick, happy holidays from all the writers at Small & Big. Your blog keeps us smiling!

P.L. Frederick (SMALL & big)


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