Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Art Review: Sculpture & Vases

For this week's edition of The Sunday Art Review, I decided to feature sculpture and vases. I photographed all of the pieces myself, which you probably worked out by looking at the poor quality of the images. We have an abundance of wonderful art here in Palm Springs, with numerous galleries, museums and extensive collections in private homes as well. Aside from being a member at the Palm Springs Art Muesum, I enjoy viewing various kinds of art wherever I go. I almost always have a camera handy to capture anything that catches my eye. For some reason this piece to the left mesmerized me. The color was deep and rich, the shape was enticing. It was so smooth and shiny that I found myself slipping along it's edges, almost feeling the touch of the "mother" depicted in this piece. Above left: This sculpture is entitled "Mother and Child", but sadly, the artist unknown.

above: a series of vases on display at a private gallery. I just liked the way they looked set in the wall.
The sculpture of Jean-Pierre Hobon:
above: this is about three feet high, all metal but very three dimensional.

above: both of these metal sculptures are 5' high, and had wonderful imagery within. Look for the birds on the right.
-Rick Rockhill


HoosierGirl5 said...

I think I like the top two pictures best.


Anonymous said...

nice stuff, I like the colors od the two last ones.

zen wizard said...

Good stuff!

So the top one is supposed to be an abstract rendition of the Madonna and Child-theme, I guess.

Whatever--I like it!

Canadian flake said...

I think the vases in the wall are interesting...I like how that looks...but I am boring and unknowledgeable in this area I must admit.

Jeff said...

Very cool! Nice pieces.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I think I like the last piece best.

Olivia said...

I may have studied art history, but the key word for me is "history". Our course was very traditional and we never knew how the contemporary art course students found so much to say.

Still, from being a total traditionalist my view has changed since one day I realised I suddenly liked Kandinsky - of course it's not realistic, but there was something about it that appealed to my aesthetic sense, and I allowed it to. So nowadays I can also concede to the parts of any of these works that appeal to me.

Like the smoothness, sheen, blackness, and solidity of the Mother and Child.


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