Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Swank Palm Springs Soiree

Saturday evening I attended a swank soiree at the home of some friends here in Palm Springs. It was a marvelous evening, with an "A List" crowd of really nice people. As we pulled up, the valet parked our car for us, and we were offered champagne as we entered the grounds of the property. After greeting a few friends, I made my way to the martini bar outside by the pool. There was a massive ice sculpture (see photo at left). The bartenders were making Lemon Drops, pouring the cocktail into the ice sculpture to chill down the drink. Then a small cube of dry ice was dropped into the martini glass to create a smoking, bubbling effect. If you look closely in my martini glass you can see the "smoke" from the dry ice. Naturally, I stopped for my usual martini pose.

above: The party had wonderful decorations on the grounds outside by the pool. If you look closely to the left in the distance, you can see the martini ice sculpture illuminated. Dozens of fresh roses adorned each table around the pool, which was so elegant in the desert moonlight.

above: Inside, a pianist played wonderful music (he was on a break when I took this photo).

Above: The food was nothing short of fabulous. Fresh Shrimp, Crab Legs, Sushi, Rack of Lamb, salads, Carne Asada served in martini glasses and other culinary delights. The center of the table was decorated with tall glass vases with fresh white orchids floating in water, which was quite stunning.

above: later in the evening, servers brought around a tray of fresh baked, warm cookies, and a tray of cold milk in shot glasses. It was such a nice touch...hosts Greg and Brad think of everything!

above left: in the blue shirt, popular desert personal trainer Eddie, with my dear friend Skip & above right: friends Dave, Ralph and Todd share a smile. It was an elegant, enjoyable soiree; I am grateful to have such wonderful friends here in the desert.
-Rick Rockhill


jackie said...

wow. I don't think I've ever been to a party like that. Palm Springs is one kickin' place.

Anonymous said...

Very snazzy. You always go to the best parties.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you always get invited to the a list parties rick! sigh... lucky duck!

smiles, bee

Beth said...

Your social life makes me feel like a slug. But at least I can live vicariously via your photos!

C said...

What a wonderful soiree that was! Looks like you had a great time. Martini bar...Mmmmmmmm! There's a martini bar in Montreal that serves tons of different martinis. A girlfriend of mine and I once tried to sample every type of martini on the list. I'd have to say among my favourites are the chocolate martini, apple martini and the pomtini! What's your favourite martini?

Lewis said...

An "A list" party? Oh my. They'd never have let the likes of my sorry ass inside the front gates. It looks absolutely FAB!

Desert Songbird said...

Dang! The parties you attend are so much swankier than my wedding was - and it was a formal affair! The warm cookies and cold milk in shot glasses were a fabulous touch.

Mags said...

Your soiree was much better than the one I went to last week.


bunnygirl said...

I love those orchid displays-- very clever and creative. But the milk and cookies are a truly inspired choice. You've got awesome friends!

Mrs. G. said...

Um, I believe I need to be hanging with you and your peeps...clearly, you know how to party. I'll be waiting for my invitation.

Happy New Year!

kenju said...

Your friends have such elegant parties! I decorate and provide flowers for parties like that here, but I am not often a guest at one.

Marlupe said...

Your friend Skip is quite the dashing fellow. He looks like someone very famous...or rich!

Palm Springs Savant said...

sorry all- just catching up on all the comments- busy day for me so far.

All I'll say is yes, I am lucky to be invited to great parties like this one. And bunny girl, yep the cookies n milk was so totally the best touch ever~

kenju- I am not creative at all with things like this. I can get by with some cut flowers in a vase but when it gets fancy I'm just not very good at it all.


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