Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dr Wang's Second Annual Palm Springs Psychic Summit, Day Two

Day two of Dr Wang's Second Annual Palm Springs Psychic Summit started with a celebratory dinner at midnight. Out of respect to Dr Wang, no fish of any kind was served. Since several guests had dietary preferences, the menu included Vegetarian and Vegan options. The Amazing Zolar and Madame Zora were served a steady diet of quarters all evening in place of food. Dr Wang had his usual flakes of food sprinkled atop the surface of the water in his tank and seemed quite happy. The exact location of the super secret psychic summit is still not known, but this photo was released anonymously by one of the attendees. It shows the secluded mountain home high above the desert floor, where the group is believed to be assembled.
above: There was extensive discussion and debate over the origin of the mysterious desert mountain canyon known as Tahquitz Witch. The canyon is believed to have supernatural energies. It gained its name due to the way the shadow forms in the canyon. Can you see the Witch in the shadow?
The Psychics Contact Our Elected Officials
After several hours of concentration and multiple attempts at telepathic communication, the psychic team successfully contacted President Bush and the future Presidential contenders.
above: Although it seemed nearly impossible, the group was able to send a psychic message to President Bush. You can see him pausing as he receives the message. Senator John McCain lowers his head and covers his eyes as he concentrates on the telepathic communication.

above: Presidential hopeful Senator Barrack Obama briefly entered into a trance as he contemplated the meaning of this communication. Senator Hillary Clinton was overwhelmed by the message. Shortly afterward, an anonymous source claimed she said "That was the frigging weirdest thing I've ever experienced"

Later, the psychic powerhouse team made the following predictions:
1. President Bush will learn to tie his shoes before he leaves office in January.
2. Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan will meet in rehab and will discover they are both related to Paris Hilton.
3. American Idol winner David Cook will reveal he is possessed by Kurt Cobain's spirit.
4. Mariah Carey will sue Cher for lying about her Farewell Tour that never ends.
5. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will build a house in Palm Springs on the site of a natural hot spring and will host mineral mud bath parties for their Hollywood friends.
6. Michelle Obama will need to seek therapy for her addiction to Purell.
Dr Wang's Palm Springs Psychic Summit continues....


Casdok said...

Brillient! Cant wait for the next instalment!

Lewis said...

George W. tie his OWN shoes? Now, you're dreaming. I think we'd need someone of great magnitude to come back from the dead and help him. That's how big of a deal it would be.

Zen Wizard said...

Now that I figured out how to translate Walter Mercado with Google Translator, I don't feel like I need these guys.

Jeni said...

I dunno there about #1 on the psyche predictions thing. I'm not sure DUBYA has enough where-withall to EVER learn to tie his own shoes, much less to do it before Jan of 2009!
Loved these predictions and they are all so snarky and funny, they matched up fully with my mood tonight. (Not to say that my mood tonight is really any more snarky and sarcastic than usual -just admitting that it is that -that's all! Got that?
Yep - that's all, folks!

whimsical brainpan said...

Oh how I have missed this wise fish!

And not to question his wisdom but do you really think that Bush will learn to tie his own shoes?

Olivia said...

Brangelina are weird, but also go together so well...


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