Thursday, June 19, 2008

Exploring Palm Springs: Visiting an Albert Frey House, Part 2

Today is the second part of this series of Exploring Palm Springs. Tuesday's photos were just the journey up the hill, along the winding road. Today's photos are from when I reached the top of the hill, and will introduce you to the historic Russell House, designed by renowned architect Albert Frey. Albert Frey was a significant modernist architect who lived in Palm Springs for nearly all of his life. His architectural work is celebrated and revered as valuable and a defining style of Palm Springs style. His direct work, and influences can be observed all over the city. In this post I am pleased to take you on a more detailed tour of one of Mr Frey’s most notable residences. Built in 1959, this home is now on the Historic Preservation List for the city of Palm Springs.

above: once at the top of the hill, this is the view out and across, looking south. The house rises two hundred feet above Palm Springs and boasts truly spectacular panoramic views of the desert floor and the mountains that wrap around the entire valley.
above: One of the large glass doors leading to outside.
above: You can see how the infinity pool goes right to the edge of the property.
above: I was at the house attending a private party, these umbrellas were where the bar was set up.
above: Looking back toward the house, you get a sense for how fabulous the pool is. This home the essence of the coveted Palm Springs lifestyle.

above: This perspective of the pool really shows how amazing the infinity pool is.

above: The walls on one side of house are all glass, so inside really feels like being outside.
above: The living room is very contemporary, with lots of natural light.
above: The edge of the property has white quartz rock along the walkway.
above: you can see how the white quartz rock lights up at dusk, which has a wonderful glow in the evening.

above: Albert Frey made a habit of working natural elements into every environment he designed. Here, he masterfully incorporated the natural terrain of a mountain side.

above: The property also has a thirty foot waterfall that flows into a koi pond below.

above: Here I am in front of the waterfall and koi pond with my friend, the great Jimmy Van Patten.
above: The house at night. You can see how stunning this property is looking out onto Palm Springs in the evening.
above: It doesn't get any better than this, the quintessential Palm Springs life. It's the reason why I've chosen to live here.
-Rick Rockhill


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Fabulous Fabulous House Rick...(And fun to see a picture of Jimmy there with you....I will see Joyce next week....Hooray)
One year Betty G. did her One Woman Show in Palm Springs, I think it was 1976-77....And She stayed in a "Guest House" of someone living in one of these GREAT Houses up in the Hills over looking the City....I believe it was one of his houses. It certainly looked similar to this. Not quite as fancy a pool area, as I recall...but a great house, never-the-less. These are wonderful pictures Rick and one really gets a sense of the beauty and scope of this house.

Anonymous said...

The exterior lighting plan is AWESOME! I love how thye lit up the quartz rocks. WOW, it makes them POP!

jackie said...

OH MY! That is SUCH an incredible house Rick. How did you get such incredible access. You really do live in a lovely area. Palm Springs is everything I ever imagined it would be.

lime said...

the infinity pool is really wild!

Jeni said...

I feel like an echo here but AWESOME! About the only word that comes to mind while looking at these pictures. Now, can you go back and get some more shots -of other rooms, anything else you can think of? Just makes you want to see every single inch of the place!

Chellie said...

I love seeing great architechture. That was a wonderful tour.

Mags said...

That. Is. Amazing. I was going to comment about the first picture, but then the 2nd blew me away...then the 3rd and ext. It's just beautiful-you're so lucky to live there!!

One day I'll swim in an infinity day. :)

Olivia said...

Yes, that last photo does seem to sum it up.

I've been realising since trawling the antiques that mid-century furniture that people couldn't throw away fast enough are now no longer rubbish or even vintage, but becoming antiques and being sold for way too much money!

Tod said...

Thanks for the tour of a beautiful house and landscape. You are very lucky to live in such an amazing place as Palm Springs.


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