Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not Your Average Car Wash Joint

There are two really good places in town to get your car hand washed. I never subject any of my cars to the automated places where the machine washes your car. They never seem to do a good job and I'm always worried the rough flaps and brushes will scratch my car's paint. So when my cars need to be washed I head over to one of the two places where they wash cars by hand. One of the places is big, fancy and shiny. The other one is in a tiny old building but has lots of character. So I usually go to the old-fashioned one. Going there is an experience in itself. They have a line of old barber chairs so patrons can watch their car be washed up close.

above: a close up of the neat old barber chairs at the car wash

above: the walls and ceiling of the car wash are covered with all kinds of signs, license plates and statues that give the place a lot of character.
above: although it is a hand car wash, the car wax is sprayed on the cars by these statues of little boys peeing. I tried to take a close up to show you just where the wax is spraying form...but I think you get the idea!
above: an old "fortune scale" sits below a retro Palm Springs City Limit sign. The time flies by while waiting for your car....I usually find something new every time I'm there. I have to tear myself away when my car is ready. Any fun places like that where you live? Leave a comment with your story.
-Rick Rockhill


Ben Wu said...

Are the wax sprayers replicas of Manneken Pis? The famous fountain in Brussels?

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

there is a great place here in podunk to have your car hand washed and waxed. it is reasonable and they have a nice place to sit and wait too... gotta love that!

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...


Love the Peeing statues...Classic!

Seamus said...

This seems like a charmingly honest enterprise!

Kerry and Rachel said...

Love the photos! would love to have my car washed there. I'll think about our fun places and get back to you. Thanks for sharing.

whimsical brainpan said...

Love the peeing statues!

Tod said...

I loved this post! That little place is a gem!


If only Chicago wasn't cold most of the time,..the hand wash places here wouldn't hold par to something this old school yet kitshey and savvy.

I love the little men.


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