Monday, June 30, 2008

Exploring Palm Springs: An Early Morning Downtown

Early mornings in the desert are my favorite time of day. Sheldon woke us up earlier than usual and we decided to head downtown to Ruby's Diner for breakfast. Ruby's is at Mercado Plaza, which has a pleasant center square with a fountain and a statue of former mayor and Congressman Sonny Bono. (It you look to the right of the photo you can see Sonny's back.) There was only one other couple sitting outside on the patio having breakfast, it was so nice and quiet, being so early.
And now, for your viewing pleasure, an action-packed video of the plaza!
below: This is a view of the Mercado Plaza, looking back toward Ruby's restaurant. You can see the statue of Sonny Bono on the left now.
Sheldon seeks shade...
above: we brought Sheldon to Ruby's to join us for breakfast. He was a good boy and sat quietly under the chair and took in all the sights while we ate breakfast.
above: Sheldon sitting on friend Dick Van Patten's star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. I think it might be fun to take a series of photos of Sheldon in this same position as he grows into an adult full sized standard poodle. Thanks for coming with me to explore downtown Palm Springs in the wee hours...I hope you got a sense for how relaxing it is by the video.
-Rick Rockhill


captain corky said...

It does seem relaxing. I could see myself sitting there while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

Tod said...

Looks like a nice place to have breakfast. I'll make sure I do when I eventually come visit! ;)

Jeni said...

Love your pictures -especially Sheldon! What a pretty and obviously, well-behaved dog he is.

Mags said...

How adorable is Sheldon! I could just eat him up. I am assuming that John is doing well with Sheldons hair, no?

Very nice pictures, as always.

Odat said...

Awesome looking place!



Desert Songbird said...

That was a very peaceful video, Rick. I love early mornings, too, not just because it's usually very quiet, but it's also the coolest it will be all day!

Olivia said...

Mercado Plaza: My goodness, look at all the traffic. It must be so stressful living there ;)


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