Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jennifer Hudson Receives Breakthrough Award at Palm Springs Film Festival Private Party

This evening I attended a private party for the Palm Springs Film Festival held at the estate of Jackie Lee and Jim Houston. Jennifer Hudson (left) was presented the "Breakthrough Award" for her work in the film Dreamgirls. (SEE BELOW FOR MORE PHOTOS). Miss Hudson rose to fame on American Idol, but she was voted out in favor of Fantasia. However, her career has taken off and she truly gave a "career breakthrough" performance with her portrayal as Effie White in Dreamgirls. The party at the Houston Estate was quite elegant and drew a well dressed, exclusive crowd. In addition to local officials, Palm Springs area residents included members of the Agua Caliente tribe governing council, Congresswoman Mary Bono, Senator Barbara Boxer, and singers Keely Smith and Kaye Ballard. The Houston Estate, located in the the Las Palmas area of Palm Springs was decorated in pink for the evening, from the tent to the napkins and to the extensive floral arrangement throughout the grounds.
If I may say so myself, I was looking rather swank, dressed in a black velvet dinner jacket, red shirt and red ascot. It had a retro Hugh Hefner Playboy mansion feel to it.

Above: Hollywood-style searchlights were blazing and flashing all night long

Above left: Giant "Oscar" type statues greeted everyone at the main entrance.
Above: Miss Hudson receives the Breakthrough Award from PS Film Fest Chairman, Earl Greenburg

Jennifer performs for the crowd

Jennifer sang several songs, including: Love You I Do, I Want You Baby, I am Changing, One Night Only, Weekend In New England (barry manilow song) and a Gladys Night song that I've forgotten the name of...

The main tent had the stage and tables, the side tent had all of the food.

Each table had beautiful floral centerpieces, with several dozen pink roses surrounded by white hydrangea.

Friends Vince, Julia, Jason and Jim share a moment after the spectacular performance by Miss Hudson.
It was a fun evening-with lots of shmoozing and laughs. I can't help but wonder what the late Regina Fong would have said if she saw Jennifer Hudson perform the big "And I am Tell You I'm Not Going". During the old days in London, one of the guest acts in her show was by "The Skinny Bitch" who would do a knock down rendition of "And I am Tell You I'm Not Going", and would bring the house down. I miss Regina Fong and her Fongettes. RIP.

Above: The late Regina Fong, her Imperial Highness, the last Grand Duchess of the Romanovs

-Rick Rockhill

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Ronnie Larsen said...

Oh my god...yes...the skinny bitch...everytime i see the number performed i think of the skinny bitch pulling off her necklace and hurling it off-stage...i will never forget it...i was begining to think i was the only person in America who knew of Regina Fong...thank god for you! cool blog! stay well


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