Friday, November 20, 2009

Holiday Shopping Tip from The Palm Springs Savant:

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Frugal is the new black, it seems.

In these trying economic times, even the Hollywood elite are tightening their designer belts and being more careful with holiday spending. The exclusive Rodeo Drive shopping mecca has new competition from a great retail concept that could only be born in LA, a $99 store called Tweak99. Whether you live in Beverly Hills, Hollywood or Palm Springs, there is no shame in shopping for gifts if you are on a budget. As you might guess, everything at this store is priced under $99.99. What's also very cool is that everything is pre-wrapped in beautiful unique papers. Tweak99 just launched a new website, so no matter where you live you can shop for really unique and affordable gifts that are ready to go!

Tweak99 was created by the respected home stylist Tara Riceberg, a friend of mine with an eye for style and fashion trends. Tara provides home styling services to many Hollywood stars, but she also has clients all over the country from LA to NY. She was sharp enough to understand that frugal is chic among not only her clients, but all social and economic classes. This prompted her to create a website and store that makes it quick and easy to find thoughtful and fun gifts at affordable prices. When Tara first told me about her concept last summer, I knew it would be a hit. A master at design, Tara selected a wide range of items so that she could merchandise her store by price to make it even easier. One side has items up to $49.99 and the other side are items up to $99.99. The gifts at Tweak99 are clever, purposeful and fun, and most importantly, they're affordable. I was reviewing her website again today- there are gifts ranging from kids toys, jewelry, candles, note pads, bath sets, night lights, decanters, all with really unique designs or twists to them too.
So if you are completely stumped an need some new holiday gift ideas, please check out Tweak99 and look around. And of course if you live near LA, stop by the shop and say hello to the beautiful owner Tara. She might even give you a home styling tip or two!
Tweak99 is located at 8383 W. 3rd St in Los Angeles. You can also call Tara at 310-284-8272.
-Rick Rockhill


bunnygirl said...

What a fun site! Thanks for the tip!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for the "heads up", Rick...I am goibg to check out her on-line store right after I leave!


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