Sunday, November 22, 2009

Miss California USA Pageant

This weekend, the Miss California USA Pageant is here once again in our desert. Hundreds of ambitious, beautiful young women come to Palm Springs to compete in this annual pageant with the dream of being crowned Miss California USA. The winner of Miss California USA will go on to compete in the Miss USA Pageant, which is the precursor to the coveted Miss Universe title. I'm not one to objectify women, and I know there are people who think these pageants are demeaning to women. Personally I could care less about it all, but as The Palm Springs Savant I like to report on the happenings here in our fair city. The girls (sorry Gloria Steinem) are all staying at the beautiful Riviera Resort & Spa hotel here in Palm Springs. I've written about it many times here on this blog. It's a hip, swank property that attracts well-heeled and trendy younger guests who enjoy sipping martinis poolside. In fact I was at the Riviera last night, we dined outside in the moonlight, with just enough light from the glow of the pool and flickering fire pits nearby. The Pageant brings a fair amount of excitement to "The Riv" so the place was buzzing especially later in the evening. Anyway, back to the Miss California USA Pageant. The event will be televised this evening, so of course I don't know who will win the crown yet, but I thought it would be appropriate to at least feature our very own Miss Palm Springs, Katie Polos. I borrowed this photo from The Desert Sun website. She is a lovely young lady, wouldn't you agree?

Above: I'm pleased to report that Chris Jacobs, of TV's The Insider is here to host of this year's pageant.

above: The girls primp and prep for the swimsuit competition (again these photos are from the Desert Sun)

above: and here is our Miss Palm Springs, Katie Polos strutting her stuff and making us locals proud. For those of you who love fashion, the girls who make it to the top 10 in the finale today will be wearing gowns created by Tony Bowls, a top fashion designer know for his extraordinary designs worldwide. So keep an eye out for that if you watch the event on TV. The Miss California USA Pageant will air live today, November 22nd from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Let's hope Miss Palm Springs makes it!
-Rick Rockhill


snowelf said...

As much negative press as pageants get, I have been of the opinion that as long as the girls are having fun, then what's the harm in them? It's when they are being pushed into that life is when it bothers me. So I say if the people in the pageants like it, those on the outside of the pageant world shouldn't be so harsh. It's all in good fun.


© Karelian Blonde said...

She is a pretty one! Nothing wrong with beauty pageants if no one is coerced/pressured/forced or gets unhealthy trying to get too thin.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Snowelf- I agree. I'm not really into any of it but its all really just a business endorsement deal anyway to market products!

KathyA said...

They certainly are drop dead gorgeous, aren't they?

Rhodester said...

When I was on duty at the Hilton last year, there was a young Marine on leave from 29 Palms enjoying a few beers in the lounge. He asked me about the gaggle of beautiful young women who were checking in, and I told him they were Miss California contestants. Even though the Riviera was hosting, some of them were staying at the Hilton.

About twenty minutes later he was standing out front in the valet area having a smoke, and he seemed to be talking to himself. This drop-dead gorgeous blond got out of a vehicle and made her way past him to the front desk. His eyes were glued to her.

I walked up to him and said, "Hey, there's one for ya.. beautiful, huh? Maybe if she has some free time away from the pageant she'd be up for a hot date with a handsome Marine!"

The panicked look on his face revealed that I'd blown it - he turned his head to reveal the bluetooth in his ear that he was using to chat with his wife.

When he finished his smoke and returned to the bar, his next few beers were on me, along with a big apology.

polos said...

Katie had so much fun.She met alot of new friends that have similar personalities and positive attitudes like her.This weekend was like a cherleader camp/prom.We hope everyone had such a great experience like her.The current MISS and MISS TEEN were very sweet.All the volunteers and press were just adorable!Thankyou everyone for making this such a memorable weekend!Love the Polos Family

deborah taylor said...

Katie is really pretty. For certain, she is more beautiful when she wears prom gowns, like the sherri hill prom dresses collection.


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