Friday, July 13, 2007

Rick's Roadshow: Denver, Colorado

Thursday was day two of Rick's Roadshow, the first of two five-day business trips across the country. I took a 6:00 AM flight from Portland to Denver and once again slept the entire flight. I picked up my luggage from baggage claim, found my energy from a bottle of organic orange juice and kicked into high gear. I confidently declined the optional satellite navigation feature while checking out my rental car. How hard could it be, I thought. After all, I'd been to Denver many times before. So I out of the airport I took my standard "right turn" when I don't really know where I am going. An hour later I realized I had no idea where I was, but I figured I couldn't be too far off. Until the paved roads ended and I started driving on a dirt road. I continued for another 30 miles, along a very much rural road. I drive past beautiful scenery:

Above: Cows, cows and more cows

Above left: It looked like it was digging for oil, but I'm sure it was for water. Above right: While I saw many horses, this one caught my eye for his striking pure color. Eventually I arrived at my destination and was able to "work" for the next five hours. While at the store, there was the most intense storm. Heavy rain, thunder, lightening, wind, hail, and tornado warnings. As I stood in the store, the building howled, as the roof was pelted with rain and hail. I ended up staying longer to wait out the storm. Once it calmed down, I got back on the road and drove back to Denver to meet a client for dinner.
Dinner in Downtown Denver
We went to a fun place for dinner called the Samba Room, a Cuban restaurant. It had a fun atmosphere, wonderful Cuban food and extra delicious drinks. I was able to conduct some business over dinner, so I felt it was time well spent, and enjoyable as well. Day two turned out to be another good day.

-Rick Rockhill


JCsings4Him said...

Well...I know I do not know you...I don't think...but...I was checking on my blogs and saw your comment from June! Sorry I didn't notice it did you find my blog???

Rick said...

Sounds like a nice little adventure. If you opted for the GPS you wouldn't have found the beautiful cows and horses.

Rick : )

Palm Springs Savant said...

Good point Rick. You must be a "glass half full" kind of guy also! I like that...find the good in everything.

marlupe said...

I like Denver...I usually spend time in the city but it looks like you went way out somewhere. the cows are cute!!!

Steven said...

I agree with Rick. You probably would have been on the Interstates with sound walls on either side trying to preserve the new homes that build right up to it if you had GPS. It's happening in suburban Chicago now. Can't beep at the golfers when they're in their backswing anymore. :-D The roads you took did provide the nice scenery and was probably much more relaxing and not congested. I can't remember when I spent time in Denver proper, other than to fly in to go to Estes Park....Beautiful! That was right after the new airport opened.

Steve said...

Nice pics... but you kept driving? I usually get so impatient that if I think I'm going the wrong way, I'll turn around after, oh, like two minutes. It's then that I usually end up lost. Enjoy your trip.

Blue said...

Just want to say I love Steven's profile pic. I saw the actual shoes in Washington at the Smithsonian and was thrilled beyond words. What a great film. Anyhoo...
Rick, glad you weathered the storm. Didn't you check with Dr. Wang before you went? Why have a psychic fish if you aren't making him earn his shrimp dust?
Hmm? Well....(taps foot.)
I am off to sunny climes. I am inspired to blog about the food now. So stay tuned in a week or so for full food reports.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Blue- you've got me there..I really should have consulted Dr Wang BEFORE I made that trip!


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