Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rick's Roadshow: It's Vegas, Baby!

Friday I arrived in Las Vegas, where it was hot and dry. It was good to be back in a desert climate, I've missed being in Palm Springs. The East Coast has been warm, but oh the humidity, how it wipes me out. I had some pesky business stuff to attend to, so I was busy all day with that, but by 6:00 I was ready to relax and soak up some Las Vegas fun. While walking on the strip, I ran into this lovely showgirl, who was standing in front of Bally's hotel and casino. At first glance, she seemed out of place, but then again I remembered, it's Vegas, Baby! Naturally being a ham, I couldn't resist a photo opportunity. This just screams Las Vegas to me!
The Grand Canyon

Above & Below: bad pictures of The Grand Canyon, taken from the airplane.

Las Vegas Sights

Above: The Monte Carlo Hotel & Caesars Palace

Above: Caesar's Palace: lobby & front entrance to the strip
Paris, Las Vegas Style
Above & Below: various images of Paris-Las Vegas...I like this casino

Cocktails, anyone?

Above: After walking around in the hot dry sun, we stopped off at an outdoor bar in front of Harrah's. It was a wild place. They were pouring shots directly into people's mouth to thirsty and willing customers. The music was blaring loud and I was shouting over the music to have a normal conversation, but it was fun.
Above: The bartenders did all sorts of crazy tricks while serving. Here he was pouring 9 drinks at once. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS! I'm in Vegas for another two Rick's Roadshow continues...
-Rick Rockhill


Naomi said...

Wow! Wonderful photos Rick - thank you for sharing them.

WAT said...

These pics are way cool. I need to head out to Vegas again and actually go to the Canyon once and for all to see what the big fuss is all about about this giant hole in the ground.

Canadian flake said...

wowwwwwwwww is all I can say. Your "bad" pics of the grand canyon are great. I loved them. That is a place I do hope to see one day. We have a list of places to travel when we are too old to enjoy them..lmao.


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