Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rick's Roadshow: Washington, DC

The drive to Washington DC from Newport News VA was about three hours, thanks to the Garmin navigation device I rented along with the car. I was on a tight schedule Saturday morning and didn't have time to get lost. With the magic of the navigation thingy, I pulled up directly in front of The Melrose hotel, on Pennsylvania Ave NW, just across the bridge to Georgetown. I checked into my hotel room, which was a fantastic suite on the top floor. DC hotels have inexpensive weekend rates, so I was well within my travel budget even though I had such a terrific room (see below).

Above: the sitting room in my suite.

No trip to Washington DC is complete without seeing The White House, so here I am at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I thought about stopping in for tea with Laura, but decided I had much more to do yet.

Above: The Washington Monument

Above: Standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Abraham Lincoln was one of my favorite US Presidents.

Above left: Exterior view of the Lincoln Memorial temple, & below right, at the Korean War Memorial, I liked this inscription: "Freedom is Not Free"

Above: The World War II Memorial

Above: I stopped along the Potomac for a cold beer. A friendly black squirrel stopped by to say hello.

Above: The Capital Building. By the afternoon, my feet were killing me. My sandals were not the best footwear for extensive walking. The blisters that had formed on my feet prevented me from walking all the way to the Capital building, so I used the good old zoom function on my camera and called it a day. I met a friend for dinner at Morton's Steakhouse, and relaxed over a bottle of wine. The wine of course, was strictly for medicinal purposes to cure my aching feet. It was a great way to end a busy day as a tourist. Day 4 of my travels was highly enjoyable. I plan to spend Sunday exploring Georgetown.
-Rick Rockhill


bunnygirl said...

Sounds nice, and there's some good eatin' to be done in Georgetown!

And I don't care what you say about weekend rates... it's clear your company's hotel budget is a lot better than what I've ever gotten! Then again, nothing is cheap in DC.

Sheila said...

Nice photos. Hope the blisters are healing. Wine works wonders for the tired tourist.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

thanks! i was waiting for this stop, my favorite! this year we came through and didn't get to stop. so much to see and do there! and the hotel is lovely! we usually stop at some crappy place and just sleep and go. good for you!

smiles, bee

Desert Songbird said...

Washington, DC is a wonderful place to explore by foot, but I agree with you: a good pair of walking shoes is essential. Glad you had some "medicine" to cure your ills...

Canadian flake said...

wow these pics are amazing. I went to DC when I was young and would love to go back again sometime. It is something I would enjoy sharing with my kids for sure. I look forward to seeing more pics of your travels.

marlupe said...

Nice picture of the White House, you must have gotten close!

jillie said...

What a great road show so far. I was in D.C. in 1973 YIKES and had a blast! It was with my 8th grade class, 1st flight and away from the parental units.

The Lincoln Memorial was the one thing I remember the most. I was in awe and it was a bit emotional for me. I didn't want to leave it.

I am sure it's changed A LOT in 34 years and some day I hope to go back.

Thanks for sharing. I think that black squirrel wanted some of your beer...haha

WAT said...

Excuse me, but you're kind of handsome.


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