Monday, August 2, 2010

Adventures of Sheldon & Duncan: Going for a Ride

After a long Asian World Tour business trip overseas, it was so good to be back home again in Palm Springs. The poodles were so excited to see me; even the kitty was extra affectionate and had quite a bit to say actually. I listened intently as Owen filled me in on the past few weeks, his big orange eyes glistened, staring knowingly into my own eyes. Early yesterday morning we decided to go out for breakfast. The poodles looked at me as if to say, "And where do you think you're going?". Immediately that changed things. We decided to go to Ruby's Diner, on Palm Canyon Drive downtown. They have patio seating outside, which means the poodles can come along. Thus, a new chapter of The Adventures of Sheldon and Duncan came to life. Both poodles are keen on going for rides in the car, in fact they go to work daily so they know the drill. Yesterday was different, and they knew it. From the moment I said "Do you want to go to Ruby's?" they perked up and ran to the front door, waiting impatiently. I collected their leads, prompting them to sit up straight, lifting their heads high. With noses pointed upward, I had easy access to clip each lead to their collars. With the sound of the "CLICK" they were released from their self-imposed stance, smiling and excited about the impending trip out of the house together. As the front door opened they made mad dash through the front courtyard and stood side by side at the gate, looking back at me, apparently moving much to slow for their preference. As I opened the car door they jumped in the back seat together, ready to go for a ride.

Both Sheldon and Duncan enjoy going for a ride, but they like being in the convertible even more. They sit up straight and look around, enjoying the view; noses sniffing wildly as they encounter all sorts of things whizzing by.

Driving down Palm Canyon Drive, their heads were looking in opposite directions, pedestrians, stores, palm trees, it was all so exciting. As other cars would crawl past, they would see the poodles in the convertible, point and smile, sometimes saying hello to the poodles. Sheldon and Duncan knew they were being watched. In fact they love the attention. It isn't easy being Rock Star Poodles on Parade.

I glanced back, in the side view mirror and saw Sheldon's reflection. His ears and hair were flowing in the gentle breeze as the car was gliding forward. Sheldon was smiling, happy as can be. To them, The Adventures of Sheldon and Duncan: Going for a Ride were about as good as life gets. I couldn't agree more.
-Rick Rockhill


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

how wonderful! a perfect moment in time for all of you! well except owen that is. oh, and nice car!

smiles, bee

Palm Springs Savant said...

Thanks Bee, yep I love the kids. You are right, all I need to do is find a way to take Owen in the convertible now!

© Karelian Blonde said...

*LOL* Owen in the convertible?! Now that would be a vision :)

KathyA said...

They look so funny just sitting there so politely waiting to go for their ride!
I hope Owen forgives you for not taking him along. And what? No photos at Ruby's????

Anonymous said...

awww... what a fun outing!

snowelf said...

Oh. I don't think Owen would go for that Rick! Although he'd be hilarious with the windblown look. :)

Love to you all,


Preston said...

I love the photos..they look so funny in the back seat.. I bet cars passing you gave a double look lol.

Jeni said...

Welcome back home, Rick! Love any pics you post of your boys as they are quite the pair, for sure. I was offline from Friday until last night -in the hospital in Pittsburgh where I had surgery -and am now back home, recuperating. My dog Sammy is being treated till I'm up and about, able to walk myself and him again, by several neighbors and friends coming here and taking him out for nice little strolls. This dog is gonna get majorly spoiled I'm afraid! LOL

David said...

Hi, Mr. Rockway. . . slightly off-topic: love your architecture posts. Welcome home. Kathy Griffin recently toured a modern, Moroccan courtyard "take" on Hollywood Regency architecture (aired 8/2). Any idea who the architect is and can you disclose the house itself? Hope to make it to ModernHouse2011!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

How delightful Rick...You and those adorable doggies, out for a ride in the!
Very Very Sweet!


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