Monday, August 16, 2010

More Refreshing Moments at Home

Sunday was one of those lazy summer days, when we did absolutely nothing at all. I was up early, ground some fresh coffee beans and was on the patio by 6:00 reading the news on my iPad and sipping a robust cup of organic coffee. I love watching the early morning sun, it is definitely a high-point of each day for me. By noon time the sun was in in full force, driving me into the pool. I had my camera because I was bird watching and had hopes of getting a few good photos, but alas, no luck. As I was sitting in the pool, I looked down and noticed the shadow of a palm tree on the bottom of my pool. I thought it made for a nice refreshing photo, worthy of the lead photo in today's post. I was in no hurry to leave the water, so I sat on the steps, submerged, floating and staring up into the bright blue summer sky.

above: Sheldon and Duncan hate to miss anything, so they sat outside with me, near the back pool. We have shade structures, so they were not sitting directly in the sun. They were happy to be with me, keeping a watchful eye on everything I was doing. That cactus- type plant in the green pot are cuttings of a "Thorns of Christ" plant that I've been trying to root. It's struggling but doing better finally. If you look carefully in the photo above. you can see my reflection in the French doors. I took another photo, but zoomed in closer on Duncan:

above: Mr Duncan-Diggory was about as happy as he could be. Later he noticed my reflection in the door also and tilted his head trying to figure it out.

above: the west patio is one of my more favorite areas on the property, it is so peaceful and calm to me. That "organ pipe cactus" is really taking off, I'm so pleased he is doing well this year. Well that's all for now. Hope you have a great week, and thanks for stopping by today.

-Rick Rockhill


KathyA said...

I had wanted to spend some time in your back yard and you graciously accommodated me. What an oasis you've created for yourselves!

A Lewis said...

What is it about those early morning quiet times that I love so much?

Anonymous said...

I love the backyard! Stuff like that are the makings of an extry-good day. Keep counting those blessings for they are bountiful!!!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

great photos rick! and i also love that cup of coffee and ipad news! what a lovely thing to look forward to each morning!

smiles, bee

Mags said...

It delights me to think of Duncan looking at your reflection trying to figure it out! Oh how I love those kids!

Cheryl said...

Love the picture of your feet :)) Wonder why?

Biddie said...

The dogs look wonderful..They are far better groomed than I am :)
That pool looks so refreshing. I haven't been swimming in soo long....Maybe it's time to take a dip.

Jeni said...

I'm so glad you didn't post these pictures of the pool and such early last week because I would have been really, really jealous of you then. (The temps and humidity were extremely high here early last week.) But today, it's much cooler here this a.m. and I can look at these pics with less envy for the cooling factors and appreciate them for how pretty your pool and house are -also of course, for the lovely dogs, watching over you as you relax! Great post, Rick!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

If I'm nor mustaken Rick, that last Cactus is a Cereus Monstrous, not an Organ Pipe....I have a number of them in my Garden. Your yard is just BEAUTIFUL and your doggies are too. Duncan is such a gorgeous color....!
Sounds like a lovely Sunday.

Thanks for your good wishes about Sweetie....He is not 100% by any means, but I'm hoping he will pick up some more, the longer he is home....He is such a dear dear companion. As you said..."Family".


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