Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Own Palm Springs Weekend

This is the first weekend in a month that I am back home in Palm Springs to truly relax. Not that I am complaining at all- my Asian World Tour was a huge success and quite enjoyable. Aside from completing business transactions, I had time to see a part of the world that was entirely new to me. I am grateful for the experiences. There is, however no place like home. Regardless of how far I travel, and no matter how fabulous the experiences may be, Palm Springs always holds a special place in my heart. This past week I waited with great anticipation to get back to my desert home. I realized it had been quite some time since I delved into the treasures of Palm Springs. I decided this would be a "Palm Springs Weekend", where I would relax, savor every moment and go out to enjoy the city. Last night was a quiet dinner downtown at L'Olivo, a locally owned Italian restaurant on Palm Canyon Drive. Later, back at home we enjoyed a nice bottle of wine and let the week's events fade into a distant memory. Ah, my Palm Springs Weekend had begun! Like Betty and Veronica in this comic book cover above, I was planning a "Palm Springs Weekend" at the Riviera.

Over the year's I've written countless posts about the virtues of visiting and living in Palm Springs. The California desert has much to offer; from the solitude of Joshua Tree National Park, hiking in Indian Canyons, the thrilling Palm Springs Tram, endless views of majestic mountains, pristine golf courses and rejuvenating spas.

My plans today include the Riviera Resort and Spa hotel. Regular readers may recall prior posts on this from a few years ago. It still holds my fascination because it has its own vibe and energy.

above: a few stock photos here, like this one of the lobby lounge, where hipsters hang for cocktails.

above: the resort pool has a stunning backdrop of our San Jacinto mountains. It makes for ideal dining al fresco...

...followed by a a quiet glass of wine by the fire pits under the pitch black, clear desert sky. It is an idyllic Palm Springs Weekend. Indeed I am so happy to be back home enjoying what is right in my own backyard.
-Rick Rockhill


Rhodester said...

I had to stop casting longing glances at the front of the Riviera as we'd lumber by on the bus, because I found they were somehow using microwaves to charge my credit card each time I did.

© Karelian Blonde said...

Home is where the heart is :)


Did you know that there's a street in Houston named after you?

It's true!

I just passed by Rockhill Lane yesterday.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You live in a magical place, Rick. I LOVE the peacefulness of Palm Springs with those gorgeous mountains and the beautiful shadows formed by the late afternoon sun....It is a true Paradisem isn't it.

KathyA said...

Palm Springs and the area around it is so beautiful that it's a wonder you can ever leave!
I want to try L'Olivo when we come out there.


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