Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meeting Some Cool Dogs at Barkworld

Last weekend while at the Barkworld Expo in Atlanta I met lots of fellow pet enthusiast social media people. Barkworld Expo featured seminars, sessions and stuff- all about using Twitter, Facebook, blogging and a myriad of other social media online trends involving pets. Yes, I was a speaker on Saturday; I co-presented with Natalie Malaszenko who is Director of Social Media & Commerce for, a company I know a thing or two about. I was there representing my company Natural Balance Pet Foods. Aside from participating in a variety of events, seminars and the public expo on pet stuff, I had the opportunity to meet and greet with a lot of cool pets...and people. Like Cosmo and Diane, as an example (see photo above left). Cosmo is a very cool Havanese and is quite athletic, especially with agility. Check out Cosmo doing tricks here for a Tillman's training treat. You can follow Cosmo on Twitter @CosmoHavanese or on his blog, To Dog With Love

above: here is Cosmo with his Mom, Diane who sure is swell. She does a great job with the blog and Tweeting on behalf of Cosmo.

above: I was lucky to get this nice photo with Natalie, Diane and Cosmo, of course!

above: And then, there is "James Bond the Dog" who I thought was way cool too. "JB" also has his own Twitter page, @JamesBondtheDog
and I must admit I am a tad bit jealous of his nearly 3,600 followers! Whew, that is one popular dog. He also has his very own video channel which is worth checking out. So instead of fretting about serious stuff like the economy or the kids, lighten up and checkout these two amazing "Anipals", you'll be glad you did. I'm glad I've met some new online pet lover friends. Barkworld was so much more than just an Expo for learning and idea exchange, it was a great opportunity to meet some cool dogs...and their people pals too.
-Rick Rockhill


Jeni said...

Ah Rick! You're doing it to me again -making me drool over puppy pictures! What a pretty dog that black and white one is and I have to confess, I've never heard of that breed before but sure is a beautiful dog! I'm a sucker -hook, line and sinker -for dogs -in the flesh or in pictures!

KathyA said...

What a great job you have!!!

Diane and Cosmo said...

Great meeting you too! Cosmo will do just about anything for a treat... and those Tillman treats made him dance!!!!

Jeni, if you make your way back over here, Havanese are fabulous little dogs -- very bright, charming, lovable... and they don't shed!!

Diane and Cosmo

Anonymous said...

Those are some cute pet celebrities.

Todd & Darrin said...

I think a busy man like you needs an assistant....I'm available! :-)


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