Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rick's Roadshow: Singapore Day 2

Today brings another installment of Rick's Roadshow from Singapore, Day 2. Just for something different I decided to seek out photos of Chinese lanterns while walking around Singapore. It wasn't hard to find- several pet shops even had these iconic red lanterns, so even while working I was able to snap a photo here and there. There are some really nice lanterns throughout the city; they add not only color but create a festive atmosphere. So let's look at a few more Chinese lanterns, shall we?

above: some parts of Singapore have these lights running across streets.

above: you can find these lanterns in both residential and commercial streets


above: this was in a Chinatown shopping area.


above: or even in some contemporary restaurants. They are fun, aren't they?


above: I used my lunch hour to go shopping for another Buddha statue to take home. I didn't buy this one, as it was too heavy. But I did take a photo of it. Can you guess why???

My Visit to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

above: The exterior of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It contains a museum, cultural center and of course the temple itself. The museum has an impressive collection of art, historical items and an easy to follow exhibit about the origins of Buddha. As a student of Buddhism, I found it fascinating.


above: The temple entrance is quite impressive.


above: These guys flank the entrances on left and right side of the main door.


above: I case you have not noticed the past few weeks, I've been photographing doors of temples. Not sure why, but I seem to be attracted to temple doors.


above: this is the rear entrance of the temple. It is an offering room, where people can light candles, offer flowers or fruit, etc


above: the front side of the building, or the main temple. There is a huge altar to Buddha here. There was a prayer service going on when I visited. I presented some incense offerings and prayed for awhile, enjoying the traditional chant music.


above: a close up of the huge Buddha statues at the altar. They are really exquisite.


above: using my zoom camera, the guy in yellow is a monk or priest. He was chanting and tapping some chime constantly. The faithful were behind him, wearing black robes.


above: high above the temple walls are these beautiful dragon molding. Click on the photo, I hope you can decipher the details.


above: the temple has these really terrific Chinese light fixtures.


above: It also boasts an impressive collection of art and historical items. These three Buddha statues n gold were encased in glass for security.


above: this jade Buddha is stunning, isn't it?


above: the faithful brought fruit and water to pay homage.


above: more statues around the temple


above: I placed incense here too...


above: the walls around the main temple have these mini statues all over from floor to ceiling. Each little tiny statue is a person who have made an offering. There are probably hundreds of these in the temple walls.


Check out this quick video clip, and listen to the prayer chant:

Thanks for stopping by Rick's Roadshow from Singapore, Day 2. Please join me again tomorrow for day 3.

-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

The colors of Asia are just amazing, Rick!

kenju said...

Very interesting photos. I love the red lanterns - very festive. Also love the art deco chandelier and the statues flanking the doors.

Someone sent me an email today of an infinity pool atop a 55 storey hotel in Singapore. It was fabulous!!

KathyA said...

2. Did you take the photo because of the lions flanking the Buddha?
3. Those guys on both sides of the door are scary!!
4. I think the jade Buddha is exquisite, too.

grace said...

ooh, wee, look at these photos, wow. supercool. sorry for my absence, life has taken a 180! so computer has been on the backburner. I hope you are enjoying your travels. Boy, I wish I had those travels in my life...:)


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Whatever the reason you like doors, Rick...All the ones you have shown us are very very BEAUTIFUL!
There is a lovely blogger who lives in Singapore...she uses the name Shionge...When my friend Seemah traveled to Singapore a year ago April, "Shionge" and her husband took her to a lot of places....But, I must say, none of the pictures I saw were even similar...So, I feel like I am getting to know Singapore from two different points of view---And it is FANTASTIC!


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