Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rick's Roadshow: Tokyo, Japan Day 1

Welcome to Rick's Roadshow, from Tokyo, Japan. I've embarked on my "Asian World Tour" for the next few weeks, visiting a number of countries on this side of the globe. I hope you will join me to follow my updates along the way. As this is a business trip, any photos I've taken have been squeezed in en route to and from meetings and such. I certainly have not had time to take notes of the names of each site, so forgive me for that omission. Tokyo is a very modern, crowded city, with over 12 million residents, yet it is remarkably clean and free of graffiti or litter. Crime is almost non-existent and the city is exceptionally efficient. I've been impressed by the service and kindness of the Japanese people I've met. I thought I'd share a few photos from my first full day in Tokyo. Above left is the entrance to a temple. I forgot the name, but it is to honor the god of elements- wind, water & fire.

above: I stopped for this photo in front of the temple with my honorable colleague from Japan.

above: I thought this was interesting. It is some sort of good luck charm for people to rub when they pass by. I've seen them all around parts of the city.

above: entrance to an old indoor/outdoor shopping mall, mainly for souvenirs and such. I bought a pair of chopsticks here with my name in Japanese.

above: Inside the mall it was crowded and bustling with activity.

above: We stopped at this sweet shop where I tried a jelly like candy made from red beans. It was surprisingly pretty good!

above: just a street corner in Tokyo

above: a more contemporary shopping mall interior. We visited a pet boutique in this upscale center. Thanks for stopping by Rick's Roadshow. Be sure to stop by tomorrow, I think I'll have a surprise to show you- assuming I get there!
-Rick Rockhill-San


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. Hubby spent years in Japan before I met him. He said it's a very efficient and interesting culture...

Stay safe!

kenju said...

I enjoy seeing your photos, Rick!

Desert Songbird said...

Very nice photos, Rick. I hope you get some more leisure time in there before you have to jet off to your next destination. :)

Sharon said...

Lovely photos. My son went to Japan during a summer program in college and he loved Tokyo as well. I know you're working so you're busy, which makes it even more of a gift that you can share these photos! Take care!

grace said...

Lovely photos Rick. Safe travels.

Mags said...

I am especially excited about this Roadshow. I can't wait to see all of the stops through your eyes!


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