Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rick's Roadshow: Singapore Day 3

Rick's Roadshow, Singapore returns with Day 3. This is my final day in Singapore, and in Asia. I next journey to Dubai, then London. Singapore was a fitting way to end my Asian World Tour. There is so much to do, interesting things to see, delicious food, and plenty of shopping (too much, really). Somehow, even after swearing I wouldn't buy another stitch of clothing, I broke down and bought some beautiful silk Chinese kimono-style robes. I'll go over the loot when I get back home and unpack it all. But for now, join me on today's journey through Singapore.

above: I visited a section of Singapore called Clarke Quay, adjacent to the Singapore River. There are a lot of restaurants, shops and a few bars too. Its very well laid out and a nice place to just stroll around.


above: the structures along the Singapore River are colorful and cheery, much like the streets of Singapore.


above: restaurants are perched along the banks of the river, offering perfect waterfront views to virtually any table.


above: everything you see is relatively new, but they did a nice job making it look like it has been around awhile.


above: these traditional Chinese style sweets were calling my name...

Sights of Singapore...

I wanted to have today's post include a few more photos to show just how colorful Singapore is. Look closely at not only the colors, but the shutters and details of the buildings. Click on the photos to biggify.

above: believe it or not, this is just a footbridge, pretty nice huh?

above: just a neat restaurant where I ate lunch.

One final temple, I promise...

above: Sri Mariamman Temple is Singapore's oldest Hindu temple. Mariamman is "Mother Mary" the goddess of disease and rain.

above: the temple doors...I like doors...


above: like many sacred temples, visitors must remove shoes at the main entrance.


above: Inside, the shrine was ornate with Indian deity. This temple is considered very holy to Hindus.

And Now for Some Miscellaneous Stuff...


above: sometimes I'm still 13 years old. This sign made me chuckle...


above: I like this building on Orchard Road, the famous shopping district within Singapore.


above: I saw this restaurant earlier today, which is what prompted this next photo:


above: On my last night in Singapore, I thought it fitting to order a "Singapore Sling" cocktail. Its a little fruity for my tastes, but it was a perfect way to wind down my time in Singapore.
Thanks for stopping by today. Tomorrow I leave Asia, I know I'll miss it. Next up I head to Dubai for a day and then onto London, so stay tuned! Rick's Roadshow continues...
-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

Mary's temple is just beautiful... the doors and the colors! I laughed when I saw that photo too... I'm a closet ten year old...

I can't wait to see Dubai.

It just makes me so happy that you are enjoying your travels so much. You were meant for this. Bug hugs!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It is so colorful and all those buildings look so pretty....But then, The Temple is incredibly colorful, too....An Amazing city---Really!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh how i would love to see dubai!!!

smiles, bee

KathyA said...

Singapore is not at all what I expected it to be. Beautiful colors -- and yet that particular Asian look.
That one photo made me chuckle, too. You're not the only 13 year old!!
I used to drink Singapore slings when I was in college. Don't think I could handle one now.


There's a local Asian grocery store called Hung Dong.

I'm shockingly immature and had to stop, pull an illegal U-turn maneuver, and get out in a bad neighborhood to snap the picture.




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