Friday, November 23, 2007

Dinosaurs in Palm Springs?

Just outside of Palm Springs, along the route 10 highway that passes between the San Bernadino and San Jacinto mountain ranges is an enormous wind farm. These windmills are not only beautiful and majestic, they produce a considerable amount of energy for Southern California. However, these windmills harbor a secret that only the native indians know for certain. Hidden deep within the windmill farms are two dinosaurs who made their home in our desert many many years ago. They typically hide along the foothills of the San Bernadino mountain range, but have been spotted elsewhere from time to time. The local Morongo indians, wishing to protect these dinosaurs had trouble squashing rumors about living dinosaurs..until they came up with a genius plan.
At one of their highway rest stops, they built two statues of the actual dinosaurs behind the diner. Now, when someone reports that they saw "huge creatures lurking among thre windmills" the police just brush off the report as someone who probably just saw the statues at the highway rest stop. Genius? Crafty? Or is it really a government conspiracy to hide to the truth??? See for yourself:

Above: photos of the dinosaurs just outside of Palm Springs. They are a "beard" for the actual dinosaurs that live just further away, hidden deep within the windmills of the desert. Tomorrow, my psychic betta fish, Dr Sidney Wang will attempt to telepathically contact the REAL dinosaurs and share their thoughts.
-Rick Rockhill


lime said...

LOL, i love it!! my son would have LOVED to see these things when he was small!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i can hardly wait!

rick, are you going to blog from your cruise? i hope so! take lots of photos please!

smiles, bee

Desert Songbird said...

I have seen that windmill farm (how can anyone miss that!) on my way to Anaheim many, many times, and we've seen those dinos, but I had no idea about the legend.

Do tell more!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Miss Bee- YES I am planning to blog on the cruise, starting Sunday! AND I have a special surprise as well.

When I went on the Panama Cruise I blogged on board for the entire 19 days. Check out the day one post and work your way forward:

Marie said...

I have been inside the big one. It's full of whoopee cushions and t-shirts. Who knew?

RWA said...

Two dinosaurs roaming in southern California. Thanks for sharing the secret.

I look forward to the report from Dr. Wang and his efforts to contact the two dinosaurs.

Scott said...

Gosh, I hope they are friendly dinos!

kels said...

Ha nice dinos...I live in Alberta and you should see our dinosaur park is soo funny. I am going out next month and will see if I can get some photos. It is crazy the town has all these brutal sculptures throughout but there is also a world renowned dinosaur museum there. Thanks for stopping by my blog always cool to see new people.

Sheila said...

Very cool. Both the wind farms and the dinos.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Isn't a Southern California dinosaur anyone over 30?

I have taken many rolls of film of the windmills, which fascinate me, but never knew their delightful secret.

I would love to meet a real dinosaur, (and a yetty, the Loch Ness monster, and a unicorn.)

B said...

Hi Rick

thanks for stopping by my blog and for adding me to your blogroll- that makes me feel wanted and I like that. LOL

dinosaurs in Palm Springs - nice where I am from we only have regular stuff like cats and dogs :)

Have a great weekend Rick

Heidi said...

Hi Rick,

Thankyou for stopping by and leaving a comment..very sweet of you. :)

Have wonderful weekend~

Naomi said...

Great dinosaur photos Rick. Thanks for posting those

Cheryl said...

I was in Palm Springs 14 years ago and still remember the windmills with awe. I don't remember the dinosaurs. I wonder if they're a newer addition. Very interesting decoy.

Josie said...

What a fun blog you have...!

Well, I have seen a Sasquatch, (Bigfoot). There are lots of them in the forests here in BC. Every Saturday night they come into the city and drink lots of Labbatt's beer, and then take the Skytrain back to Surrey ... I mean, the forest.

Michael Manning said...

I would love to visit Palm Springs one day. Thanks again for visiting my BLOG! Looks like a great site you have here! :)

Ps said...

Hee hee--I am going to share this story with my son.He is 10 and is growing up fast.Let me see what he says! :-)

Dan said...

Wait a second. Weren't they killed off when they started smoking? Or something?

You don't waste any time visiting folks who leave me comments do you!


Palm Springs Savant said...

Dan- today was "make new blogger friends day" for me...I read some very cool blogs from your list!


Palm Springs Savant said...

Cheryl- I think they are THE SAME dinosaurs that you saw...they are getting a little old and sun worn these days!

Kila said...

Windfarms are currently a hot debate in Wisconsin. Those opposing them think the windmills would kill too many wildlife, but I think the wildlife are smart enough. Is it a problem there?

Anyway, my boys would sure love those dinosaurs statues!


did someone mention, Cruise? Have a good time!! Back when I was part of corporate america, I worked as the inside sales dept trainer..for all new hires..
the panama itinerary is awesome!!

Okay, the dinosaur pics? I just have to say, and I'm blushing as I say it, but now I know where Peewee Herman and his diner waitress went that night!!!
In the movie when his bike was stolen..yeah..I know, I saw it..more than once! :)

WAT said...

Landmarks of that area for sure. I think there's a museum in one of those dinos.


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