Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wisdom Wednesdays: Featuring Dr Wang & Madame Esmerelda

DR WANG & Madame Esmerelda
For the next few weeks, Dr Wang is leading off his weekly Wisdom Wednesdays column with a special guest. Gypsy fortune teller Madame Esmerelda is in Palm Springs and lending her special brand of advice to Dr Wang's readers each week. Click the video below to check out this week's special message from Madame Esmerelda:

ASK DR WANG, the psychic betta fish
This week’s letter is from Milton, in Boise, Idaho.
Dear Dr Wang,

For most of my life I have led a very simple life, barely making ends meet, living off the land and doing hard seasonal work whenever I could get it. About ten years ago I married a woman I really don’t love, but we are companions and it saves money living together. Our love life is mechanical, with barely any lust at all. But I have not asked for, or expected more out of life-until now.

I’ve just inherited a substantial sum of money from an uncle in North Dakota who left his estate to my parents, who are now deceased. I had no idea how well-off my uncle was; I always assumed he just had a bunch of farm land and a barn. The situation is that I want to leave my wife, move away from Idaho, and start a new life with all this money. My wife does not handle the finances, so she has no idea about the money I have inherited. I am thinking of just paying off the mortgage, giving her the house, and calling things even. Since we never had anything together anyway except a house with a mortgage I figure she would be making out OK. I really don’t think she will be torn up about a divorce, so I don’t expect any crocodile tears.

What should I do? What do you see in my future?

Very kindly yours,

Dr Wang responds: Dear Milton,

You must be very careful with how you handle this situation, a misstep will damage your karma and leave you will a run of bad luck that will haunt you for many years. I suggest having a very honest conversation with your wife about how you are feeling about your marriage.

After swimming through The Great Bubble Wall for nearly an hour, I decided I needed further reflection. I swam down to the depths of my tank to meditate in the Ancient Temple, with guidance from Mini-Booda. (Please remember that being a betta fish I am unaware of any local or state laws in Idaho regarding the division of property within divorce proceedings. You should consult an attorney for those matters). However, I suggest you tell her that your uncle has passed, leaving you his property and estate. If you feel strongly about wanting a divorce, do so quickly and do not make her life miserable. You should be generous in your divorce settlement-do more than the Idaho law requires you to do, and I’ll leave it at that.

We have a saying in the underwater world that I think applies to your life at the moment: “It’s better to be lost in the turbulent deep waters than to be resting calmly in a fish net”. Interpret that as: "go for it".

Regarding your future, it is quite colorful! You are going to move to Las Vegas, purchase a condo and work in a casino as a card dealer. Your pit boss at the casino is a midget with red hair. Be careful with this man, he has a short temper to match his height. While working at the casino, you will meet a showgirl who goes by the name “Sweetie”; she will dazzle you with her feathers and sequins. Get to know her, your relationship will add some much needed spice to your life.

Good luck with all the changes.
Keep Swimming up stream
-Dr Wang

"Wisdom Wednesdays" features the sage advice of our resident oracle, psychic betta fish "Dr Sidney Wang". Believed to be a reincarnated descendant of King Rama II of Siam, Dr Wang responds to e-mail submissions with advice, predictions of the future and conveys ancient proverbs to provide guidance and support. Dr Sidney Wang's 24 Hour Wisdom, Advice and Inspiration service is also available from the left side navigation for this feature.


Canadian flake said...

When I started reading I was a little worried. Btw Milton, I think you give men a bad name...but that is besides the point. Dr Wang you are so wise and knowledgable and didn't disappoint...

marlupe said...

this milton guy is a little slime-ball. why did he marry that poor woman if he didn't love her?

Real Live Lesbian said...

“It’s better to be lost in the turbulent deep waters than to be resting calmly in a fish net”.

Wise, wise fish that Dr. Wang.


I am sadden to read that Mr Milton hasn't had the confidence to leave his wife all these years up until $$$ are presented..seems a bit shallow...karma I think will have a strange way of stepping on his newly inherited manicured toes..Dr wang you are honest and give and follow the matter whether the wife is in agreed or not, she is a woman and will be affected by this,,if not out of love lost, than because of a committment that failed.

I'm giving thanks today that I married for love.
Thanks Dr Wang!!

Happy Thanksgiving PSS!! Great post!

Mona said...

Happy Thanksgiving PSS


P.s. I do give you credit for being honest though, Milton-some men hide the truth-

Anonymous said...

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