Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wisdom Wednesdays: Featuring Dr Wang & Madame Esmerelda

ASK DR WANG & Madame Esmerelda
For the next few weeks, Dr Wang will be leading off his weekly Wisdom Wednesdays column with a special guest. Gypsy fortune teller Madame Esmerelda is in Palm Springs and will lend her special brand of advice to Dr Wang's readers each week. Click the video below to check out this week's special message from Madame Esmerelda:

ASK DR WANG, the psychic betta fish

This week's letter is from Debbie in Seattle, WA. Debbie writes:

Dear Dr Wang,

My younger sister has recently revealed to me that she is a lesbian. This came as a complete shock, I was completely unaware of Donna's interests. My first reaction was to tell her I loved her and it made no difference. I have no problem with her being gay, but I feel a little hurt that she hid it from me for so long. I'm also a disappointed in myself that I was (apparently) so distant that I missed this major aspect of her life. Should I confront her about why she neglected to tell me this until now? And what should I do next? Do I share this information with the rest of the family? I am so confused about my role in this. Also, what do you see for my future?

Regards, Debbie

Dr Wang responds: Dear Debbie,

First of all, you should be commended for expressing your love and support to your sister. However you need to know that this is not about you. This is your sister's lifestyle, and her decision to come out to you. Do not feel guilty or confuse this with anything you have done (or have not done). As far as what you should do next, I'd say NOTHING, without asking Donna first. Ask her if she needs your help in speaking to other members of the family-if not all you need to do is be a good sister.

As far as your future, I was not clear what you wanted to know, but I swam past The Great Bubble Wall several times to pick up a vibe or two about your future. The bubbles were particularly turbulent and active, indicating a stormy couple of weeks ahead for you. You have two problem people in your life: a workman (possibly a carpenter?) who is taking shortcuts on a project he is doing in your home, and also your baby sitter is stealing your underwear. You need to fire both of them before the next full moon. The good news is your sister Donna's girlfriend is very handy with tools and can watch your kids too.

Keep swimming upstream,

-Dr Wang

"Wisdom Wednesdays" features the sage advice of our resident oracle, psychic betta fish "Dr Sidney Wang". Believed to be a reincarnated descendant of King Rama II of Siam, Dr Wang responds to e-mail submissions with advice, predictions of the future and conveys ancient proverbs to provide guidance and support. Dr Sidney Wang's 24 Hour Wisdom, Advice and Inspiration service is also available from the left side navigation for this feature.


marlupe said...

great advice to debbie, the good doctor is rightt on, once again. love this madame esmerelda. where did he dig her up???

Mags said...

Dr. Wang is so very good at what he does! I'm going to remember this when I start dating cute Boston boys and want to know where it's going. ;)

MONA said...

this is really a very fascinating feature of your blog! It is so unique! I love reading this!


good answers!!! very very good answers..!!Nice job dr wang!!

Lena said...

Dr.Wangs the neon man!!

Kerry and Rachel said...

Madame Esmerelda visited us for Halloween. She sure does get around! Love the fotage of her wisdom!

Anonymous said...

this Dr Wang rocks. he has been "right on" lately!

Helene said...

c'est magnifique~

Canadian flake said...

wise advice as always oh great fish!!


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