Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Art Review: Philadelphia Airport Exhibitions

On my way to the East coast Saturday, I had a layover at the Philadelphia airport. Since I had a few hours to pass, I decided to explore the airport. having arrived on a red eye, the airport was still quite empty, so I was able to enjoy it in relative peace and tranquility, in what would normally be quite noisy and crowded. I was delighted to find a reasonable variety of art on exhibition. Since I rarely go anywhere without my camera, I captured a few exhibits for this week's Sunday Art Review. The photo above left is a work by Steve Tobin, one of the artists on exhibit at the airport. This photo is from the artist's website. His work that I enjoyed at the airport is the first grouping below:
"Cocoons" by artist Steve Tobin

Above: Steve Tobin, a native Philadelphian artist is known for his sculptural work in glass, bronze, steel, and ceramic.

Above: An excerpt from the artist Steve Tobin's website about this exhibit: "Glass is like a river without a riverbed. Iron carries with it a visual weight and depth that is connected to the earth. The iron structures of these works restrict yet support the glass within them, but it is the ethereal nature of the glass that gives them life. These opposing but inseparable elements reflect the duality of being."

"Variations of Sophisticated Ladies", by artist Larry Donahue

Above: Artist Larry Donahue is native of Wilmington, Delaware. These works were quite whimsical yet were an exercise in depth perception as well.

Above: More pieces of the collection, which the artist intended to be viewed in total, for the full effect.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the wonderful art exhibits at this airport, it was a great way to kill some time.
-Rick Rockhill


M said...

Oh. I think "found art exhibits" are fantastic. I was at our main library recently and found an art exhibit of local artists.

lime said...

i'm glad to hear a visitor to our airport found something beautiful. when i came home from texas last month i was so dismayed by the relative flith and disrepair of our airport compared to the other 3 i experienced on my trip.

Desert Songbird said...

Thanks for sharing that, Rick. Hope you have some safe travels. Don't get too cold back there!


I love the variation of the sophisticated ladies the best!!
I hope you're not too jet lagged..
your early morning sounds like the starts to my day all the time-quiet but without all the art. :)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi rick! are you ready for your cruise?? we are home and ours was wonderful!!! 26 glorious days and i would not trade one of them...

smiles, bee

JOE * to * HELL said...

so weird! i never would have expected that at an airport, much less philly!!!!! smart tho...

Canadian flake said...

wow I never would have thought you could see such art in an airport...then again I have never what do I


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