Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mexican Riviera Cruise, Day 3: Cabo San Lucas

We arrived in Cabo San Lucas early yesterday morning. As usual I was up early to catch the sunrise and watch us pull into the bay. I'd been to Cabo earlier in the year when we were on our cruise through the Panama Canal, but we had different things planned for this trip, so I knew it would be different.

We started the morning by chartering a private tour in a glass bottom boat. We saw thousands of fish swimming, from tang, sardines, yellowtail, and many others. We went right up to Lovers Beach, and all those famous rock formations of Cabo, so famously photograhed. We went within a few feet of a group of sea lions, who were sunbathing on the rocks. I'm sorry that I can't share any photos...this internet connection is really bad. I've tried to upload more photos but it just won't cooperate. When I return I'll get them up here.

above left: The "Window to the Pacific", and above right: Sea Lions sunbathing on the rocks

above: Later, while walking in town, I stumbled across a place called "The Giggling Marlin" that I thought was cute.

above: we ate lunch at a GREAT place called "Panchos", which was very clean, had good food and good service. Check out the musician on the left...he was wearing a HUGE FAKE moustache!

above: back on the ship, enjoying a glass of wine at The Wheelhouse Bar.

Dr Wang at Sea
Day three: Cabo San Lucas looks beautiful from my balcony. It was a very interesting day for me. When he returned from his day ashore, Rick brought me to one of the top side outdoor bars overlooking the pools. From my position on the bar, I could see the sun setting on the horizon on the ocean, which was so beautiful. I watched a few passengers swimming in the pool below, wow, what we say down below the surface really is true: White Men Can’t Dance OR Swim! I'm hoping to catch a show tonight, I hear one of the shows has a mermaid in it....
-Dr Wang


marlupe said...

those sea lions look adorable! what a trip you are having. I'm so jealous...

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh what fun!! looks amazing!

smiles, bee

Steven said...

Thank God the weather is cooperating to enjoy your time off the ship. In comparison to those ten-gallon hats, the sombrero you have on looks like it's about 40 gallons. ;-)

TWISI said...

nice bonnet!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Miss Bee- It has been a fun time, so far. good weather, fun times, new friends, etc. So gald you stopped by to say hello. We're already looking to see what cruise to book mext!


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