Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stinky Old Shoes...

What makes a cat pass out? Well how about a pair of smelly shoes? When you look at them together it makes a fun story-board of smelly shoes that makes the kitty pass-out! Thanks to my friend Andi for sharing these photos with me.

I'm off to Las Vegas today for business...will definitely have an interesting update for you tomorrow so stay tuned!
-Rick Rockhill


Mags said...

Aw, poor kitty!

Still, very funny. ;) Have a safe trip!

MONA said...


LOL LOL LOL! That is SOOOOO funny & cute!!

I love this post PSS

MONA said...


LOL LOL LOL! That is SOOOOO funny & cute!!

I love this post PSS

Steven said...

Hilarious pictures. However, I would have to guess that the bottom right picture is not a real cat, or is it? I just can't picture a cat asleep like that, unless it's a picture that was taken while the cat may have been stretching? Regardless, it deserved a chuckle.

Mo said...

This reminds me of my Chloe.
Every day my slippers sit by the back door. At night I come home, slip 'em on, and wear them up to bed.
Then I take 'em off and Chloe has to stick her head inside -- like there's a treat in there or something!
Some days I'll even wake up and they've obviously been moved.

Sheila said...

Too much. I'm glad you clarified that the photos were not of your shoes and kitty.

Canadian flake said...

Awwwww glad I made it back in time to see the pretty kitty. Sorry I have been away so long...hope you don't mind if I sit awhile and get caught up on what I have missed...

life just hasn't been the same without Dr Wang's

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

ha ha ha, i just love cats!

smiles, bee

Kerry and Rachel said...

Must be stinky!

Lena said...

I adore these pictures! Cats are so entertaining. Just look at the one on the bed! Marvellous! Andi must love his little star to death!

You're absolutely right that cats make a fun story board. I take snaps of my two all the time and do similar. In fact, I blogged one fairly recently. Here's the link!

I'll look forward to more moggy madness from you!


Very Very good idea!!!
SO creative!!


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