Thursday, November 1, 2007

Zoltar's Psychic Message to Dr Wang

Famed fortune teller Zoltar sent a psychic message to Dr Sidney Wang in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Standing in his traditional oak panel and glass cabinet, Zoltar was unusually animated and active at 1:00 AM, EDT. The event started when Zoltar's crystal ball filled with smoke, as he waved his hands and started to telepathically communicate with Dr Wang, who was 3,000 miles away. Dr Wang received a dire warning regarding the rising ammonia levels of the water in his tank. Dr Wang had been meditating with "Mini-Booda" and was unaware of the dangerous water conditions. Zoltar also took the opportunity to urge Dr Wang to plan another Psychic Summit in Palm Springs as soon as possible. Dr Wang did not divulge any other messages from Zoltar, although the telepathic channel remained open for nearly 30 minutes. Dr Wang summoned his caretaker Yod for an immediate water change, using his preferred imported spring water.
-Rick Rockhill


marlupe said...

Fun story rick, you are so creative

Sheila said...

Glad the water issue was addressed. Zoltar seems familiar. Was he in a movie?

Palm Springs Savant said...

Sheila- Yes, actually, Zoltarwas a guest star in the Tom Hanks movie "Big"

karma lennon said...

Very interesting. Glad the water thing didn't get out of control! :)

I actually did end up doing something last night-ended up at a cemetery in a bad part of town and talked the guard into letting us in for about 20 minutes to take pictures. It was fun. :) Don't think I got any ghosties though.

Glad you like the picture! It's hard to tell on my blog but in the original you can actually see that I'm transparent. It was a fun photo shoot. I was excited to be a ghost!

Biddie said...

Do you think that Zoltar would do a reading for me?


ZOLTAR!! I loved that movie!! I'm glad that Dr Wang intercepted that message..I shudder to think of what would have happened had he not picked that up..and notified his Yod..



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