Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wisdom Wednesdays, Featuring Dr Sidney Wang at Sea....

This week, Dr Wang is on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera, but his work does not cease. He is writing his column from his luxury stateroom on board the Dawn Princess ship. Being on vacation, Dr Wang is responding to an e-mail without access to The Great Bubble Wall. This is his opportunity to dismiss cynics who suggest he is a fraud and relies to heavily on The Great Bubble Wall for his psychic abilities.

The e-mail Dr Wang selected this week is from “Mrs V” in Houston TX. Melissa writes:

Dear Dr Wang- I just received notification that I have been accepted to compete in a televised Jeopardy tournament. I am so excited about the opportunity, being a teacher with a double major in history and science. I have been practicing literally for a year, and I passed all the pre-selection tests by the Jeopardy team. Apparently I am good enough to compete! My question is, what do you see happening? Will I win? I get nervous under pressure but I know my material! What’s on the cards Doctor?

-“Mrs V”

Dr Wang responds: Dear Mrs V,

Congratulations on being selected to compete on Jeopardy, you must be good at trivia! As I sit in my vacation bowl aboard this cruise ship, I have spent nearly a full day contemplating what awaits you. I watched the white-caps dance on the surface of the Pacific Ocean, it was there that I received my psychic vision about what awaits you on the set of Jeopardy.

I foresee you lasting through four rounds of games. You will indeed win the first three rounds, quite handily. So a “high fin” salute to you for that! However, by the fourth round the pressure will be considerable. There is a topic that is more elusive to you, whose outcome is difficult to predict. I suggest that you study the following subjects: Marine Biology, Underwater Mysteries and re-read Moby Dick.

Even me, being a creature of the water am unable to help you with the question that could stump you. Whether or not you win the final round, the good news is you will have given it your best and will go home with more money and prizes that you have today.

Well, I'm off to the fish flake buffet.

In the meantime, keep swimming upstream,

-Dr Wang


Canadian flake said...

wise and insightful as always Dr dooooo you do

Anonymous said...

If I see this mrs v on a future jeopardary episode I will forever sing your praises, dr wang.


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