Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Neice, the Violin Virtuoso

During my visit to Rhode Island, I spent most of the weekend enjoying the company of my two nieces, Isabella and Elizabeth. We had so much fun together, playing ball, walking to the park, playing cards, baking brownies, etc. I went to the store and bought a stash of things: a new Barbie doll, a bunch of stickers and writing paper, and her favorite, a Barbie "Shoe Boutique", which was a box with three different pair of shoes. What is it about girls and their shoes I'll never understand. I also had a real treat: Isabella, the violin virtuoso performed a mini-concert on Saturday night. Click the video below to hear her amazing violin solo.Enjoy!

-Rick Rockhill


marlupe said...

oh gosh, they are both so cute! Looks like you have a budding musician there! LOL

She is adorable!

karma lennon said...

That is too too cute! I love little kids, they crack me up! :)

lime said...

lol, what fun you must have had with those sweetie-pies.

Burfica said...

lmaoooooooooo how cute is that. Poor violin. lol Kids say and do the darndest things. They sure keep ya laughing.

Sheila said...

They are cute that's all there is to it. Bet you wish you lived closer to them.

Mville said...

How sweet is that, Uncle Rick? I bet your hearing will never be the same, teehee!

Drop by when you get a chance. We have a little something that says that we appreciate you and this blog, k?


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

in the carnival gift shops they sell carnival barble!

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

The video is wonderful, such intensity the little one has and she's got great rhythm.
Thanks for stopping by rick.

LouLou! said...

Girlfriend plays bluegrass!

Matt said...

Wow. It took me 20 years to master Stravinsky!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

What cuties!

snowelf said...

Aww!! Now that is love. ;)

They are so, so cute.



WOW! Amazing! ANd the barbie shoes,.yes I know what you speak off...my neice has quite a collection of those dress up shoes.
She has quite the gift!
I'm glad you had a nice trip!
But welcome home, too! :)


btw: get her signed up for America's Got Talent..I loved how she looked up and didn't change her face the entire time. :)
So adorable!

Stephen Rader said...

Ok, could she be any cuter? Nope. Not at all!!!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Very cute!

By the way, could you adopt my kids for the holidays? They could use a "rich uncle". (wink)

You are a terrific uncle, by the way...


Canadian flake said...

awwwww she is totally gifted...and such a cutie...she is surely going places..

thanks for sharing.

Desert Songbird said...

Rick, you are such a wonderful uncle to do all of these "girlie" things with your nieces. They must adore your visits!


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