Monday, November 26, 2007

Mexican Riviera Cruise, Day 2: Day At Sea

Overnight we sailed South East across the Pacific Ocean, parallel to west coast of the Baja California Peninsula, passing the islands of San Benito and Isle Cedros. The Isle of Cedros is a large island formed by a volcano, and has tree covered mountains, which was quite beautiful in the morning sunrise. We will be at sea all day Monday, headed for Cabo San Lucas.

Above: Just before day break, having my morning cup of tea, waiting for the sun to rise....
Above: It was a spectacular "burst" into the sky. The morning sun is my favorite...I like the way it illuminated the ship.
The Fruit & Vegetable Carving Demonstration

Above: Mid-morning I went to watch a demonstration of carving fruit and vegetables. These guys work fast and made some cool the dragon-fly and the penguin. I told Mrs Danvers she needs to learn this skill.
This evening is formal night, so tomorrow morning I'll try to post a few photos.
-Rick Rockhill
Dr Wang at Sea
Day two: Today I went up on the Promenade deck to observe the morning walkers doing their laps and see the beautiful coastline of the Mexican Riviera. While on the Promenade deck, I asked Rick to stir the water on the surface of my bowl, so I could enjoy the sea air. The tiny air bubbles filled with the smell of the sea was quite enjoyable, I must admit.
-Dr Wang


Desert Songbird said...

You look a bit chilly, Rick. Do I spy you wearing a sweatshirt?

Love the sunrise and the fruit and veggie carvings.

Lewis said...

I'm with you...the morning is THE PERFECT time to be up and waiting...patiently for the sun.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

looks like a great day. i imagine right now you are having a drink in your tuxedo waiting for dinner. sigh... i want to be there!

smiles, bee

WAT said...

Oh I'm so jealous! Yo quisiera estar en México...

Don't ask me why, but I find you incredibly sexy sipping that cup o'tea.


sunrises are my favorite. YOu are giving me the bug to call my old friends from my old cruise line..

Has your cabin seward converted your towels into works of art?

Have a great time!! I love vacations...

I hope Dr Wang isn't seasick. HAHA!! how funny. I know, I have toooooooo much time on my hands.

Mags said...

Oh, I get it now...martini's are best when viewed from the front, but morning tea should be a profile... ;)

I'm glad you are having a great time so far...I'm pretty jealous right now.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I wanna go on a cruise!!

I love it "to observe the morning walkers" as opposed to "walk". Heh.

Canadian flake said...

Amazing sunrise pic...I love the sun on the water...thanks for the pics.

marlupe said...

I need to learn how to do all that fancy cut work with fruit too!


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