Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dr Wang's Telepathic Contact With Secret Dinosaurs in Palm Springs

Yesterday's post about dinosaurs allegedly hiding in the Palm Springs area raised a number of questions from readers across the globe and with local desert residents alike. Rumors that the local Morongo band of Indians have been hiding the dinosaurs sparked outrage in the local community. Over the years, there have been numerous reported dinosaur sightings in the foothills of the San Jacinto mountains. Ever since the Indians built the dinosaur statues off the route 10 freeway, it pretty much dismissed all filed reports regarding dinosaurs. However there continue to be persistent rumours that dinosaurs are still living, and in hiding among the famous windmill farms at the entrance to the Palm Springs desert area. In a phone interview with a local man (see right), he stated: "You see, the windmills were not really built to generate energy, they were built to contain and control the dinosaurs. I just know the government or those Indians are hiding something top secret within the windmill area", he said.
In an effort to uncover the truth, I turned to my psychic betta fish, Dr Sidney Wang for help. Being fully trained in telepathic communications, Dr Wang attempted to locate the dinosaurs by concentrating on the area just outside of Palm Springs. Dr Wang gazed into The Great Bubble Wall in his tank, as a crystal ball-type device to obtain actual visions of the dinosaurs. He settled into a very tranquil state, at the bottom of his fish tank, meditated briefly and altered his state of consciousness to allow the psychic medium to take effect. Within minutes, he began receiving signals of energy from the dinosaurs! "What do you want from us?" one dinosaur asked Dr Wang. Jolted by this communication, Dr Wang's fins trembled and his entire body shuttered. Dr Wang called out: "Why do you hide in the foothills of Palm Springs? You could be famous, on the news, on TV and movies!" To his surprise, the dinosaur responded: "What are you talking about? We worked secretly for Hollywood studios for several years as actors in the Jurassic Park films. It wasn't easy, but we are retired now, living on our actor's retirement fund in Palm Springs, just like all the other prehistoric actors, now leave us alone!" With that, the psychic channel slammed shut, and Dr Wang's eyes shot open. He knew it would be pointless to attempt further communication. But he did solve the mystery once and for all.
-Rick Rockhill


Mona said...

Which Indians are you talking about?


Send them here. There is plenty of "Food" for them here! :-D

Palm Springs Savant said...

Whoops- sorry Mona, Morongo are a band of native American Indians with a reservation just outside of Palm Springs.

PS- for any Morongo Indians who may read this- this is my attempt at humor and sarcasm, no offense intended!

Marlupe said...

hee hee, cute story rick. As usual, Dr Wang saves the day

Desert Songbird said...

See? Now, I knew there had to be a logical explanation for their presence. Old actors never die; they just move to Palm Springs and eventually desiccate.

Anonymous said...

good one. I especially like the reference to prehistoric retired actors in palm springs. I'm sure they are not all that old are they?

Sheila said...

Glad Dr. Wang got to the bottom of it all. He is a real talent unlike the dinos.

Sassy Lucy said...

Thanks for visiting my Book Blog, I like what you have to say.
Very funny...I need a psychic fish I think.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Sassy lucy- maybe Dr Wang has a distant cousin with some psycic talent...I'll ask him for you ;-)


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