Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mexican Riviera Cruise, Day 4: Mazatlan

Yesterday we arrived in Mazatlan, Mexico. It was perfect weather, mid 80's or so with plenty of sunshine. After taking a ride in a "shuttle" that was really a tractor, we arrived at the terminal and made our way through the tourist-trap square. We braced ourselves for the berrage of time-share salespeople representing themselves as tour guides. Luckily we were tipped off, and walked right past them all.
above left: the tourist square at the terminal was actually very nice. above right: these are the types of vehicles that pulled the flatbed with benches to take us to the terminal!
above left: my first corny pose of the day, with Senor Frog, above right: the "city coat of arms"

We hired a driver for a private car all day. It was the best way to see Mazatlan. I stopped along the way for a photo opportunity with this lovely mermaid. Mazatlan was an interesting place to visit. Beautiful beaches, a good blend of old and new, lots of resorts, etc. We were very fortunate to have had such a great driver who spoke English perfectly and took us all over. I felt like we had a good perspective of the area.
above: another beautiful mermaid, and above right: a smugglers cave now locked up with this gate that says "Diablo"
We stopped to watch the famous rock, they were amazing. when I get back I'll upload the video I took.

Above: In the Old Town part of mazatlan, there was lots of character like this doorway to a home. above right: we walked through the market, which had everything from fresh produce, meats, clothes and trinkets.
I already forgot the Spanish name for this square, but it was beautiful.
We visited this cathedral (I think Sacred Heart) in Old Town, which was quite ornate inside.
Above: back at the ship last night, we had Bananas Foster for dessert....mmmm oh-so-good!

Dr Wang at Sea
Day four: This evening was probably the highlight of the cruise so far. Rick brought me to the nightclub lounge, to see a live performance. As a looked around the room, I realized that I was the only fish there. I could sense people watching me wondering what I was doing there, but I figured, I paid my way and darn-it, I was going to enjoy this cruise no matter what. Of course I didn't appreciate the fact that the people sitting next to me asked me if I had the Alaskan King Crab legs for dinner...
-Dr Wang


RAD Homo said...

Looks like your having a good time! ole' Have a nice cold cerveza for me....cheers!

KarmaLennon said...

This looks like so much fun!!!! :)

Sheila said...

Nice photos. A car or scooter is a great way to really see an area.

Ann K. said...

Rick, we are so jealous - can't wait for the next cousins' cruise - I almost can't read your blog this week because I WANT TO BE THERE! I hope your whole week is over-the-top wonderful for you and everyone with you. - Ann K.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

your cruise sounds so great, i am currently running a cyber cruise for cats on my blog and we are whooping it up having "nip" cocktails and playing kitty games and i make them use the "poop deck" instead of a litter box! stop by and catch up when you get home! we leave on our next "real" cruise on the 17th!

smiles, bee

marlupe said...

mazatlan looks like a wonderful place to visit. I need to add it to my list I guess! can't wait to see what comes next. have fun!

Mona said...

Wow! The place looks awesome!

Thanks for posting the pictures and sharing them!


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