Saturday, November 3, 2007

Give The People What They Want....

I use Google Analytics for my blog, to track traffic, and see what brings visitors to my blog. One of the cool things it shows is the keywords people used with various search engines, and which ones they clicked on to get here. I continue to be shocked and amazed at the number of visitors who came to my blog from the use of a word "naked" or "nude" in their search. For example: "naked Mexican soldiers" is a search that yields a lot of traffic to my blog. Huh? I just can't figure it out. Regular readers of this blog know that i do not write about or show much (if any) nudity. But at some point in my writings, I must have used the words naked or nude in a post. So I decided that I might as well give people what they want. If you want to see naked people, here ya go. Here are three photos of a few thousand people who were doing a nude sit-in or something. It reinforces the old nude beach theory I have: the people who go to nude beaches and strip down are usually the very people you DON'T want to see naked. Oh well. Now before I get slammed by any well intentioned nudist or naturist readers, I wish to state that I understand that nude beaches (or nude resorts) are not so others can gawk. It's about being comfortable, being around others who are not ashamed, bla bla bla. It's not my personal cup of tea, but I respect other's interests in it. Anyway, so here is my post dedicated to naked people, nude people, and nudity. If you are searching for naked Mexican soldiers, I apologize I just don't have any for you, but thanks for stopping by!
More Nudity and Naked People- how bizarre


how was that for a bit of sarcasm and humor??
-Rick Rockhill


Anonymous said...

Hi Rick and thanks for your visit to my blog and the kind comment

I love your blog and all the stuff you put into it.

Great job, keep it going.


lime said...

naked people as far as the eye can see!

snowelf said...

ROFL! I know, I cannot believe the things that google searches bring up my blog. My number one post is about Rain on our wedding day brining good luck. I've been hit so many times, I was a sweetie and actually put an article on my post to what everyone was looking for so that they didn't have to look anywhere else. Just doing my part for love. ;)


Sheila said...

Boy, now you really are going to gets lots of traffic.

marlupe said...

oh this is hilarious rick, good for you, having fun with the search engines like that!


Hmm, that's cool, I'll have to look into that -
nudes all those men and women? What I'd like to know is what were they waiting for? Cool find crazy things!


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